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Apr 3 2011

2011 Gluten-Free Easter Candy – Tis the Season

If you haven’t been diving into the Easter candy yet, you are a much stronger person than I.  I am a sucker for those Cadbury Dark Chocolate Mini Eggs.  I love to keep them in the refrigerator – they are so good cold!  The stores began their Easter candy assaults before Valentine’s day was even over.  I remember one day early in February, standing in line at Kroger and seeing the Cadbury Mini Eggs out already.  Of course I bought some, as I have to take advantage of them while they are around, right?

Seasonal candy can be a tough area for those following the gluten-free diet.  Often products are modified to make them “even better” and that can mean ingredient changes or a change in the supplier of the ingredients.  Reading the labels is an essential part of the gluten-free diet and diligence is what will keep you safe.  Some companies have made it harder to determine if their products are gluten-free by going back on their statements that gluten-containing ingredients would be clearly labeled.   Such companies seem to declare a certain few products as okay, but then instruct consumers to call regarding the gluten-free status of some of their other products.   This is where a list of gluten-free Easter candy comes in handy.

MyGlutenFacts.com has taken the legwork out of deciphering labels & waiting on hold to make sure the treats we purchased for our kids, or the Easter bunny left us, are safe to consume.  Their Easter Candy List has recently been updated and lists over 150 gluten-free Easter treats on it.

Below is a perfect example of why it is imperative that each & every treat must be checked for gluten – from MyGlutenFacts.com:

Only 1 size of the Reester Bunnies are Gluten Free this Easter

These bunnies may look the same on the outside, but they’re quite different! In fact, only the 141g (5oz) version of this years Reeseter Bunny does not contain wheat as an ingredient.

Reester Bunny's not the same gluten free status

Q: So why in the world would Hershey’s make one size Reester with wheat and the other without?
A: Well…they don’t.

Since seasonal treats are produced once a year, and sold for a limited time only, many food manufacturer outsource the production of these lines to other companies that can produce them more efficiently. These different companies can sometimes use different formulations & ingredients.

This practice is not exclusive to Hershey’s, in fact most popular brand Easter treats will have a different allergen statement than their year-long treats since they are produced by another company under different conditions.

Our 2011 GF Easter Chocolate & Candy List is the best way to stay safe from gluten this Easter and all year long.

Happy Easter!

Easter Sunday falls on April 24, 2011 this year, so there is still some time to prepare and maybe even write notes to the Easter Bunny so that he can make sure to get all of his allergen notes put together.  What is your favorite seasonal Easter candy?

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Kyle Eslick is the founder of Gluten Free Media, as well as the creator of the popular Celiac Support Groups page. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and now Google+!


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