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Nov 24 2009

American Gra-Frutti Takes the Gluten-free Fruit Cake!

agrafruitcakec1American Gra-Frutti is a Marietta, GA company that makes incredible gluten-free treats. The bakery is totally gluten-free, but they are a specialty bakery. The bakery makes a cake called “It’s Not Fruit Cake” cake. Forget everything you ever knew about Fruit Cake – this cake is exactly the opposite of dry brickbat-like fruit cake that could double as a door stop. The cake is reminiscent of traditional fruit cake only in terms of the flavor. The texture and quality ingredients take it to a whole new level.

My husband does not like nuts in food and like most fruit cake, “It’s Not Fruit Cake” cake contains nuts. After a couple of bites, my husband asked where we could buy the cake. Seriously – this is fabulous ‘not’ fruit cake! There are three flavors of the cake – Traditional, Berry Wonderful and Citrus Berry Bliss. All flavors are gluten-free and vegan. The Traditional version of this great cake graces the cover of the November issue of Georgia Magazine. American Gra-Frutti is featured in the article “New, inspired and tasty” on page 22.

agraneverknowAnother fabulous cake from the bakery is ‘They’ll Never Know Cake”, which is both gluten and dairy free. The cake is made with gluten-free flours and vegetables. That’s right – carrots, squash and spinach in a cake! The cake is excellent and there is no odd taste or texture to it whatsoever. The mini fully decorated cake is moist and flavorful, similar to spice cake without nuts or raisins. Nut flours might be used so inquire if you have a nut allergy. In a word the cake is incredible! It is available in Atlanta area Whole Foods stores and Return to Eden.

pic_almondAngelIn addition to the two wonderful cakes, American Gra-Frutti also makes exceptional Coconut Drops. There are nine flavors in all and even though I typically don’t love products made with carob, the roasted carob in these treats actually tastes very much like chocolate. The three flavors of Angel Drops do not contain carob but I didn’t get to test taste those. Hopefully I’ll find them at my Whole Foods soon!  

Website info about the great coconut drops:

Gra-Frutti Island Coconut Drops are sweetened only with Raw Agave Nectar. Our Raw Agave is certified by the Glycemic Research Institute as “Low Glycemic” and “Diabetic Friendly”.  There is no chocolate, caffeine, refined sugars, dairy, preservative or articial sweeteners!

All American Gra-Frutti products are both gluten and trans fat free.  Many items are dairy free and are vegan as well. There is a brand new item in the line up which is probably my favorite of everything I tried. Being much more of a savory foods fan that a sweet lover, the Peachtree Pimento cheese spread is out of this world delicious! It’s made with real cheese and some of the best tasting pimento I’ve ever had. There is no mayonnaise in the spread but you’ll never miss it.

The fabulous spread works great on Udi’s bread and as a filler in celery. It also makes excellent cheese grits. Just prepare grits as directed and fold in a little Peachtree Pimento spread at the very end. Oh my – that is one fine use of this incredible cheese spread! Because the item is brand new, the company is just starting to work on distribution. Hopefully Peachtree Pimento will be in Whole Foods and other stores here soon! 

American Gra-Frutti ships their wonderful “It’s Not Fruit Cake” cakes nationwide. Check the website for ordering details. The packaging of the cake is quite lovely – making it a wonderful holiday gift for someone you know who is gluten-free or yourself!

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Kyle Eslick is the founder of Gluten Free Media, as well as the creator of the popular Celiac Support Groups page. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and now Google+!


  1. Janine Perlman says:

    Thanks to this blog entry, I ordered an “It’s Not a Fruit Cake”. It’s the best fruitcake I’ve ever had, and that includes all of them from my pre-celiac, pre-vegan days. The meticulous care and all-natural, premium ingredients that go into all the American Grafrutti products I’ve tried (carob coconut confections, too) are reflected in the wonderful textures and tastes. The proprietor, Marilyn Santulli, adds personal touches that will surprise and delight. This bakery is one of my happiest discoveries!

  2. Tiffany Janes says:

    Janine – glad we could point you to a new item and bakery for gf goodies! I recently bought the ready made vegan frosting from Agra-Fruitti (sold in a store here) and am surprised that a dairy free frosting could taste this good. That Marilyn is quite a talented lady!

  3. Dani says:

    I was really upset to learn that someone would purposely poison gluten free customers the way that Damian Cardone was doing!! I have come across many people in the 37 years since I have been diagnosed that believe the same as him. It makes me want to go be in their presence when having a reaction, so they can see the true consequences of their actions.

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