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Sep 12 2011

Atlanta Food Truck Scene

It seems like the new big thing are small versions of restaurants…food trucks.  What a great way to have quick, diverse and  inexpensive meal.  With no overhead costs and open-air eating, it is pretty attractive to both owner and eater.  But what about the gluten-free diner?  The thought of Korean tacos and Belgian fries tempt me as much as the next person, but at the same time make me extremely weary because of the small space in which the foods are prepared and not knowing what is in some of these new concoctions, but I want to join in the fun too!  What to do?

As always, I like to do my research.  Lots of food trucks are on Twitter or Facebook to post where you can find them.  This is great place to send them a message and find out more about their food.  There are foods that will seem like the obvious safer options (such as tamales) and others that are not (such as mac ‘n cheese)….but since food trucks seem to serve unique twists of everyday food, it is always safe to ask before indulging.

In Atlanta our food truck scene is rapidly growing, and it seems that you can find them somewhere in the city, daily. I definitely have my favorites and when I see that they will be somewhere…I will follow. One of my absolute favorite food trucks is the WOW! food truck, which was started by Wendy Cross who partnered with Duck’s Cosmic Kitchen of Decatur, and developed this fantastic food experience!  WOW! specializes in arepas, which are Venezuelan corncakes full of goodness (pictured below).  And the best part they are gluten-free!  It lists them as gluten-free on the truck, and they are very knowledgeable if you ask. In the case of the WOW! food truck, the arepas are filled with roasted meats and their fabulous “kicky” sauce. They also have a vegetarian option available.  Not everything on the WOW! truck menu is gluten-free, but I was more than satisfied with the arepas and have become a regular!

Another safe gluten-free truck is the Tamale Queen. This food truck offers authentic tamales and tacos on corn tortillas.  They seemed extremely knowledgeable and knew the answers to my questions right away. I have tried both the tamales and their tacos and loved them.

And you can’t finish a food truck meal experience without a staple of Atlanta, the King of Pops. I discovered King of Pops when I first moved to Atlanta last year.  It is basically a popsicle being sold out of a bicycle cart. But these are not just any popsicles, they are made with fresh ingredients and are the perfect treat to end a meal.  King of Pops can be found at most food truck locations, festivals, farmers markets, as well as some neighborhood locations.  Check their website for daily locations.  Not all of their flavors are gluten-free, like the obvious ones with cookies, but most are.  And if you ask, they will gladly tell you the ingredients which are usually only a couple of items.  My favorites are the grapefruit mint (with actual mint in the pop), watermelon mojito and raspberry limeade.  Chocolate sea salt seems to be an extremely popular one and again this is also delicious. I have not had a pop I didn’t like.

One food truck I have not yet been able to try is the Fry Guy, which specializes in Belgian fries and that’s it.  I have been told they are gluten-free, and since they only make fries, it is safe. I am determined to try it soon.

With new food trucks coming on the scene it is always fun to try new things.  Do your research beforehand, ask on Twitter or Facebook, so that when you get to the food truck you know what to expect.  And even if you see a food truck you are not eating from, ask them if they have any gluten-free items so you can enjoy something of theirs next time.

What have been some of your favorite gluten-free food truck experiences?

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Kyle Eslick is the founder of Gluten Free Media, as well as the creator of the popular Celiac Support Groups page. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and now Google+!


  1. Tiffany Janes says:

    I have still not tried a cool treat from the King of Pops….not that many food trucks are rolling through the burbs, unfortunately. Those arepas cakes sound fab!

  2. Anne Steib says:

    I just had them again last night and they were. And regarding King of Pops..well, I think we eat those at least a couple of times a week. They sell them at our local market, so we always have access. So good!

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