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About Don Tombs: Worked on computers for 35 years, then decided to quit the rat race so we all moved to Spain, to the Costa Del Sol for 20 years. Developed skin problems so returned to the UK in 2005, where my wife was diagnosed as suffering from the Celiac (UK Coeliac) disease. Found little local support, so created The Crawley Gluten Free Group, now with over 100 members and a free web site, now opened by 128 different countries.

Recent Posts by Don Tombs:

Oct 19 2010

First UK TV Commercial for Gluten-Free Bread

The Finsbury Food Group, which was created in May 2010, has announced “it was about time to increase consumer awareness about its Genius loaf”, so the company is spending GBP3 million, or $4.8 million, on what is believed to be a  first time ever TV Commercial for its Gluten-Free Genius Bread. Gemma Lawrie, Brand Manager for […]

Jul 1 2010

UK Bakery Sells Gluten-free Pizzas to Italy

It is reported from several sources that a large Welsh gluten free bakery has secured a contract to sell its Pizzas, to the home of Pizzas, in Italy.   This sounds a bit like coals to Newcastle or selling haggis to the Scots, but it is true, the Village Bakery (formerly known as Nutrition Ltd), has started […]

Jun 19 2010

UK Reports Vast Increase in Gluten-Free Food, Consumers Shun Wheat

Over the past few weeks there has been some encouraging news coming out of the United Kingdom which I wanted to share with our readers.  Thanks to a very reliable local newspaper, the Daily Telegraph, it was reported that on the June 12th, 2010, “free from foods” aimed at people with food intolerances was the fastest growing category of […]

Mar 27 2010

Starbucks UK is Buying Gluten-Free Bread

At our Crawley gluten-free meeting, on the 20th March 2010, our speaker was the Commercial Director of United Central Bakeries (UCB), Paddy Cronin. In the United Kingdom UCB, who are based in Scotland, are the gluten free bakers who are behind the successful Genius Bread. Genius is a new UK gluten-free fresh loaf, which since its introduction […]

Mar 15 2010

Eating Gluten-Free (Sans Gluten) in Paris, France – Part 2

In this post, we are continuing our look at eating gluten-free in Paris, France.   For your reference, you can view the first post in this series here.   We are commencing with a small restaurant called Leo le Lion, at 23, Rue Duvivier, 75007 Paris.  Leo le Lion offers simple and inexpensive food with a good choice […]