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About Tiffany Janes: Tiffany is considered a gluten-free advocate as well as the most discriminating gluten-free diner around. Her goal is to help others learn that there is life after a celiac diagnosis. Gluten-free dining and travel are two of her favorite things to do. Tiffany is a contributing writer and the Advertising Manager at "Delight gluten free" magazine. Check out her local blog, Gluten-Free Atlanta, for tips and tricks about living gluten-free in the ATL! Follow Tiffany on Twitter!

Recent Posts by Tiffany Janes:

Sep 19 2011

Review: Good Grub Subs in Alpharetta, GA

Some of my gluten-free friends told me about a place up in north Alpharetta called Good Grub Subs that serves gluten-free subs.  They said the bread was excellent and the meats and cheeses were as well.  To say the restaurant is a haul for me to get to is quite the understatement.  As much as […]

Sep 16 2011

Poll: Who’s Taken the Celiac Gene Test?

Approximately 40% of Americans have at least one celiac disease gene, but that doesn’t mean 40% of Americans have, or will ever have, celiac disease.  The gene must be triggered in some way to “turn on” and the causes for the switch can range from pregnancy to a serious infection and even to emotional stresses […]

Sep 14 2011

Review: American Gra-Frutti’s Crackers and Breads

When I got my gluten-free goodie box from American Gra-Frutti a few week ago, I was simply delighted!  I’d heard from multiple friends that I simply had to try new crackers from the company.  Never one to turn down a cracker (when I ate gluten or now), I could not wait to sample the bakery […]

Sep 12 2011

Gluten-free Weekend Get-away in North GA’s Wine Country

We don’t typically go out of town for Labor Day, but this year, my birthday weekend trip had to be moved out due to my work trip to the summer Fancy Food Show.  For a short Labor Day weekend get-away, we headed to North Georgia’s wine country.  Doing a simple Google search for a gluten-free […]

Sep 9 2011

Poll: How Many People Order Gluten-free Food Online?

When I first started the gluten-free diet, I had never ordered food online or over the phone, for that matter.  Frankly, the thought of doing either didn’t interest me in the least.  I actually couldn’t imagine ever needing to do such a thing.  Then eventually, I learned that the world of gluten-free food available was […]