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Aug 9 2011

BJ’s Brewhouse Adds Gluten-Free Pizookie to Menu

BJ’s Brewhouse added gluten-free pizza to their menu last summer.  The pizza was such a success that they have now added a gluten-free pizookie to the menu, too!  The last time I was at BJ’s, I longingly drooled over Hannah’s pizookie, wishing that I could partake in her enjoyment.   Well, now I can!

In addition to the pizookie, BJ’s has also added breakfast items to their weekend brunch menu.

  • BJ’s California Scramble
  • Country Sausage Links
  • Grilled Ham
  • Applewood Smoked Bacon

The summer special “Party for Two” can be ordered gluten-free for $19.95.  The special includes soup & salad, a medium pizza and pizookie for dessert!  I love that BJ’s has gluten-free soup options, too!

In addition to the review that I wrote last year about BJ’s gluten-free menu, I have tried several other items since.  I love the giant stuffed potatoes on a cold, winter day – I usually ask for extra veggies in mine.  Make sure to order without the alfredo sauce, as it is not gluten-free.  These potatoes are huge- they are the size of a Nerf football!   I will get a small salad to go along side of my potato & call it a meal.   I have also now tried every dinner salad on the menu and can’t decide which one is my favorite, though the salmon on the garden medley salad usually calls my name.  If you are in the mood for a cocktail, the on-tap ciders are really good – they offer berry burst and  Wyder’s pear or choose a traditional Red Bridge for the pizza & beer combination.

As always, when eating out make sure to talk to the manager about the kitchen procedures to ensure your risk of cross contamination is as low as possible.  Ask about separate utensils, cooking surfaces, etc.

BJ’s Brewhouse has locations across the US.  Click here to find the location closest to you.

Have you tried the gluten-free pizza at BJ’s Brewhouse?  What about the new, gluten-free pizookie?  Please let us know how you liked them!   I can’t wait to head back in to try that pizookie! I’ll make sure to report back & share my thoughts.

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Kyle Eslick is the founder of Gluten Free Media, as well as the creator of the popular Celiac Support Groups page. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and now Google+!


  1. Sciorto Celiac says:

    You are so lucky you have one of these restaurants close. There are only 2 in Ohio and I am 2 1/2 hrs away from either one. But . . . I know where to go now when I’m in Columbus or Cincinnati!!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I LOVE BJ’s and was so thrilled when they added the GF pizza last year and even more thrilled when they recently added the GF pazooki. I love them both – the pizza is more like a thin crust pizza rather than their usual deep dish style. I prefer deep dish style, but this is still delicious and the best GF pizza I have tried to date (much better than the new CA pizza kitchen one). The pazooki is also fabulous. However, my 2 non-GF friends did not care for it – perhaps its because they have the regular one to compare it to, which I do not. Whatever, more for me and I scraped my pan clean 🙂

    I love that it was available for the party for 2 – however I was bummed at my birthday celebration that they do not offer the GF pazooki in the free birthday size so we had to pay for it in order for me to have my birthday treat. It was still worth it. Kudos to BJ’s!

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