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Jul 8 2010

BJ's Brewhouse Gluten-Free Menu Change

A couple weeks back I wrote this review about my visit to BJ’s Brewhouse.

Tonight I decided that it was way too hot to cook, so I grabbed the kids and headed up the street to BJ’s Brewhouse again. Jon is ga-ga over their pizza and I wanted another salmon salad.

I had a menu from last time stashed in my purse. I seem to collect things in it, but that is another story. As I was perusing the menu they gave me tonight, I noticed they no longer had the appetizers on the gluten-free menu. I had made a comment in my review about the appetizers not truly being gluten-free.

There are a couple things I want to point out about this menu. There is a note at the bottom of the menu that says “Items marked with F share fryers with other products that contain gluten.” The items marked with F are all of the appetizers, so stay clear of those. While I was disappointed that there was not a true gluten-free appetizer choice, I was pleased to see that BJ’s understood the importance of cross-contamination and noted it on the menu.

Did BJ’s see my review & modify the menu or were they in the process of changing it anyway? Whatever the reason, I was pleased to see that the appetizers were removed. In my opinion, they were not gluten-free and had a potential to confuse & sicken those who are newly diagnosed or unaware that frying food in a fryer with gluten-containing foods is a risk that should not be taken. If you go and you are looking for an appetizer, consider getting a gluten-free pizza as an appetizer to split and then choosing a lighter entree or dinner salad. Kudo’s to BJ’s for keeping on top of their gluten-free menu & customers. I will definitely be returning again.

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  1. Someone should open up a gluten free chain – someone take the ball and run with it………

    Gluten free tacos, gluten free burgers, gluten free sandwich shop, etc.

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