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Apr 25 2012

BJ’s Brewhouse Pizookie Hits A Home Run!

Birthday celebrations in our house seem to last more than just a day.  Jon’s went on for over a week and he was not complaining!  It began with a family cookout and an amazing ice cream cake and ended this past Sunday night with a meal at BJ’s Brewhouse with some family that couldn’t make it to the cookout.

While we have had some intermittent problems with eating gluten-free at the location that is closest to us, they seem to have corrected all of the issues now.  It just took some additional education and things seem to be running much smother.

Jon always orders the gluten-free pizza.  I go between dinner salads with salmon, giant baked potatoes and pizza.  Sunday night was a pizza night, so I ordered the “Sweet Pig”.  I couldn’t stop giggling at the name!  I had asked for ham & pineapple as toppings, also known as “Hawaiian” pizza and our server said “Oh, you want the Sweet Pig”!


This pizza combination was outstanding!  The “Sweet Pig” that BJ’s has on their menu also includes seasoned tomatoes, which sounds really good!  I will make sure to add those to my pizza the next time I am there.  Since I had just run a half marathon earlier in the day, putting away this whole pizza was not a problem for me!  Normally I will eat half and take the remainder home for the lunch the following day.

Dessert time rolled around and I knew that I wanted a couple of bites of a Pizookie, but knew I couldn’t eat an entire portion.  Jon was willing to share a couple of bites of his.  Turns out the gluten-free pizookie comes in two different sizes – personal and large.  I was under the impression that they only came in personal sizes.


This dessert is fantastic!!  I loved the warm, melty chocolate in the cookie along with the cold, creamy ice cream on top.

It is nice to have a different type of gluten-free dessert option available.  Oftentimes the choices at restaurants are crème brulee or a flourless chocolate brownie – not that there is anything wrong with that.  Variety is nice, too.

Have you tried the gluten-free Pizookie at BJ’s Brewhouse?  What did you think?

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  1. Desire'e says:

    My son and I LOVE their pizookie! Well with the special treat 😉

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