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Nov 4 2010

Bloomfield Farms Offers Reasonably Priced Gluten-Free Mixes

Bloomfield Farms is a gluten-free food company that I had not heard of until I attended the Celiac Conference last week. Located in Kentucky, six generations of the Sutherland family have provided products to families throughout the US with health & wellness in mind.

**Image courtesy of Bloomfield Farms

Bloomfield Farms Gluten-Free Mixes are made with American grown rice flour from the southern states. All gluten-free products are processed in a separate facility 17 miles away from their main plant to avoid any cross-contamination issues. All of the gluten-free mixes are endorsed by the Celiac Sprue Association.

There are 6 different gluten-free products:

  • All Purpose Baking Mix

  • Pizza Dough Mix

  • Cornbread & Muffin Mix

  • Pancake & Waffle Mix

  • Loaf Bread Mix

  • Muffin Mix
  • The flour mix is $4.40 for a 2 lb box and the other mixes are all $2.00 a box. Just a few days ago I received a comment on another post that I made reviewing another gluten-free product about the high prices of gluten-free specialty foods. It is true that most gluten-free specialty foods cost more than their gluten-filled counterparts. There are many reasons why gluten-free products are more expensive. The ingredients are more expensive to begin with and companies go to great lengths to avoid cross-contamination of those ingredients to help keep us safe. The bottom line is that Bloomfield Farms is offering their products at a reasonable price to those looking for quality gluten-free foods.

    Bloomfield’s products can be purchased on their website. To read testimonials about their gluten-free products click here. I can’t wait to give these mixes a try!

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    1. Dru says:

      The postal estimator on their website did not work. I’ve tried to call and email them, and ultimately tried to place an order, which wouldn’t process because it said there was a postal error. Their phone number has been “changed or disconnected”. What’s up?

      • Dru,

        I will look into this. I have no idea. thanks for letting me know.


        • Ginny says:

          We at Bloomfield Farms apologize for our website technical issues. We are working hard to correct the situation. We can be reached at 502-348-1333. Our new gluten–free facility is located in Bardstown, KY. The brand name “Bloomfield Farms” consist of a complete retail line of Gluten Free Mixes: All Purpose Baking Mix, Pizza Dough Mix, Loaf Bread Mix, Pancake & Waffle Mix, Muffin Mix, Cornbread & Muffin Mix, Cake Mix, Cookie Mix and Brownie Mix. In addition to retail GF products we have bulk GF product for the food industry. We sincerely appreciate your interest in Bloomfield Farms.

          • Tiffany Janes says:

            I’m going to get my friends heading to KY to pick up some cornbread mix and pancake mix from this line, if they see it at the store there. Cheap and good is a great (and rare) thing to find in a gf mix of any kind 🙂

    2. Tiffany Janes says:

      Thanks for this info! I’ve not heard of this line yet but have friends that go to KY often. I’m going to see if the mixes are sold where their relatives live and if it is, I’ll have them pick up a couple of mixes for me during the holidays this year. I always appreciate learning about anything that is gf and doesn’t cost a fortune 😉

    3. Sharon says:

      I met Bloomfield reps at a celiac conference and have made their cookies from the cookie mix. They are yummy and easy to make! It was wonderful that you provided four different options on the box for making various types of cookies. I made half into “thumbprints” and half into “Peanut Butter.” I took them to a small gathering of celiacs and they loved them. Great job! I especially loved the “thumbprints” with red raspberry preserves. I am excited about trying all your products. – Happy in Kansas

    4. Kathleen Reidy says:

      I just found their cornbread mix in Sunset Foods in Libertyville, IL. I made it today to test it out for Thanksgiving. Amazingly good. I was so pleased. Not only was it good but it looked beautiful coming out of the oven. Can’t wait to make another batch and serve it to my gluten and gluten-free crowd this holiday.

    5. Anna says:

      I too met the Bloomfield Farms people at the Celiac Conference. The guy was honest with me about what he thought tasted good. He didn’t recommend the bread mix. But, for $2…I bought it…not very good. It was really hard, but it did make great dressing for Thanksgiving…and for things like that who can beat that price. I do like the pancake mix and appreciate that there is multiple batches per box. Also, the corn muffins turned out really yummy as well!

    6. Lu Randall says:

      I visited with John yesterday at the Pittsburgh Celiac conference. Made the cookie mix this morning (substituted orange extract for vanilla b/c I was out.) This made GREAT chocolate chips. I like the versatility of the mix too. Thanks for a very good and reasonably priced product!!!

    7. Mary L. Farney-Burgess says:

      I live in N. Ky. (Crestview Hills) and purchased the cornbread and muffin mix. My daughter and granddayghter are on the GF diet and they loved it…. I am not GF, nor is my husband, but we loved it too.

      Now, I can’t find it anywhere… don’t remember exactly where I bought it. I don’t food shop in that many places and have checked them with no luck.

      Can you list some places where I might find this locally?

      My zip is 41017



    8. Marlana B. says:

      I just bouhgt 1 of every product that they make at my grocery store and it was not this cheap! I paid $5.98 for each one of these… 🙁

    9. catherine says:

      I just wanted to let you know how awesome i think your products are . I made the brownies this AM and my 12 year old daughter raced me for seconds LOL . I found the prices were good . I hav been diagnosed with celiacs for 6 months . Thank You .

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