Blue Moon Pizza Expands in the Atlanta Market - Celiac Disease
Sep 28 2011

Blue Moon Pizza Expands in the Atlanta Market

Blue Moon Pizza serves up some of the best gluten-free pizza in the Southeast.  The company has cross contamination procedures in place in order to keep the gluten-free pizzas safe from the kitchen to the table.  It was actually Anne Steib that clued me in about this great pizza.  She was visiting the area over a year ago and enjoyed some pizza at Blue Moon.  Before reading her post, I had no idea the place existed, much less that they served delicious gluten-free pizza!

The gluten-free crowd in the Atlanta area has definitely responded favorably to Blue Moon Pizza’s efforts to take good care of them.  When many places are not doing very well and some are closing down in the area, Blue Moon Pizza is not only surviving, but thriving in a tough economy.

In the past, I’ve had to go across town – on a congested commuter highway – to enjoy fabulous pizza at Blue Moon.  To say I’ve begged the owner, Kelvin, to open a location nearer to our part of town is an understatement.  Apparently he did look at some spaces in our area which didn’t pan out, but finally Blue Moon opened up a new location that is much more convenient than the other locations in Cobb County.

The newest location of Blue Moon Pizza is in the heart of Buckhead on East Paces Ferry Road.  There is free parking at a lot that is adjacent to the building the restaurant is in.  I’ve already been to the new location twice and am thrilled to be able to enjoy fabulous gluten-free pizza in Buckhead.  There are some other options in the area, but none that I care for.  Pizza Fusion was hit or miss (sometimes great and sometimes not) when they were in town, but they closed down quite a while ago in Atlanta.

My absolute favorite thing to order at Blue Moon Pizza is the Cheesy Bread.  It’s the best such item I’ve had in over five years of being gluten-free.  I have ordered it and a salad for dinner before even though it’s technically an appetizer.  All the pizzas I’ve had have been wonderful and the Greek Salad is also excellent.  Many people love the gluten-free brownie, but the one time I tried it, I didn’t care for it at all.

I’ve been to Blue Moon with friends who eat gluten and those that tried the gluten-free pizza thought it was as good (some said better!) than the gluten pizza they’d ordered.  Yes folks, we’re talking about some seriously fabulous pizza – regardless of ingredients!

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  1. Rosa says:

    Tiffany, this is to inform you that my husband and I went to a place called Brasstown Valley Resort & Spa in Young Harris, GA and when we made the reservation for dinner they even introduced me to the chef who was very much willing to cook for me, and that night when we went for dinner even the special of the day was GF. Next day when we went back they already knew me and came with my options ready! We even got the name of the manager of the restaurant for you: Mark Herrin, just in case you want to check it out.

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