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Sep 21 2010

Book Review: “Mommy, What is Celiac Disease?”

Last week I was contacted by Katie Chalmers to see if I would be interested in reading & reviewing her new book “Mommy, What is Celiac Disease?”. I was excited to read the book, as I can only imagine how difficult it is to be a young child (or the parent of a young child) that has just been diagnosed with Celiac Disease. As those of us with Celiac Disease know, the gluten-free diet is a major life change. This book is perfect to help explain all the important information without overwhelming your child.

A little more about Katie:

About the author/illustrator

Katie Chalmers, author and illustrator of this book, is also a Celiac. She is a freelance graphic designer who dedicated over two years to creating this book, which she hopes will impact awareness and increased understanding of this condition. She also volunteers her time to design her local Celiac support group’s newsletter and other material.

Celiac experience

Katie’s symptoms hit hard three weeks before she was diagnosed with Celiac disease in October ’07. She started with some weakness, nausea and loss of appetite. Then came weeks of 24/7 diarrhea, major bloating and churning and 12 lb. weight loss. She was lucky enough to get referred to a great G.I. doctor, who got her in right away at her family doctor’s request. After conducting many tests, the only thing that showed up was low protein levels in 2 different blood tests. Seeing a deficiency gave him a hint that it might be Celiac, so he performed an endoscopy and colonoscopy, as the last two tests he could think of trying. The biopsy results from the endoscopy showed that she was level IV Celiac, even though all of her CD blood tests were negative.

Katie’s inspiration for the little girl in the book was her daughter, Morgan, after she was diagnosed in 2008. The book helps explain what Celiac Disease is in terms that are easy for a younger child to understand. The pictures are colorful and eye-catching. The book covers foods that are safe for the gluten-free diet and ideas about what to do when your child needs to avoid gluten-containing food away from home and bring along something safe to eat. The book ends by talking about how eating is such a small part of life and concentrating on all of the fun things there are to do in life helps us keep a positive attitude.

“Mommy, What is Celiac Disease?” can be purchased on Katie’s website for $13.95 + $1.95 shipping. The website also has many helpful resources, gluten-free diet tips, foods & recipes.

Editing to add some information to win a copy of this book!! Just visit this site to enter. 5 readers will win!

**Sending a special Thanks out to Katie for the complimentary ebook.

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