Burger King Officially Lists Gluten-free Menu! - Celiac Disease
Jan 7 2010

Burger King Officially Lists Gluten-free Menu!

In an effort to better serve its gluten-free customers, it looks like Burger King has finally committed to releasing an official gluten-free menu.  Not surprisingly the list isn’t exactly impressive, but it is great to see that a major restaurant chain like Burger King is willing to commit to a menu of confirmed gluten-free foods at their stores.  With BK’s release of this new gluten-free menu, Burger King said this move is part of its BK Positive Steps social responsibility program.

If you’d like to check it out you can view the new official Burger King’s gluten-free menu here (PDF).   The list includes beef patties, French fries, Tendergrill chicken fillets, egg omelets and various dips and condiments.

Does this change anything for you or will you still be avoiding Burger King stores at all costs?

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  1. Tiffany Janes says:

    In 2006, the manager of the BK near us told me that the fryer they used for fries was also used for wheat breaded items. I plan to ask again, in light of this new menu announcement. I never liked anything at BK except the breakfast sandwich which is not gf, but it would be nice to have some fries from there occassionally if they are really gf.

  2. Alix says:

    The fryers are always risky. Not only do they have to be dedicated, you need to confirm they don’t filter all the oil together at the end of the day, or that the fryer isn’t right next to the fryer for onion rings, or on the same path (ie, that no one will be holding the basket of dripping onion rings over the fryer full of fries). I wouldn’t eat fries there, but it is good to know I can stop for a salad or apple fries if I’m stuck out late and starving.

  3. Christi S says:

    My sister had a horrible experience at Burger King (she got a onion ring in her fries after talking with the manager and being assured that there was no risk. When she confronted the manager he told her she was a bad mom fro feeding her toddler fries anyway) and my husband got an onion ring in his fries (he isn’t GF) just last week. And it was a different BK. I used to consider it a bonus getting a stray onion ring but not anymore.

    Hubby worked at BK over 20 years ago and the fries and onion rings were fried “separately” even then.

    So no, their “gluten-free” menu doesn’t change my mind.

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