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Sep 26 2009

Caesars Gluten-free Meals Make the Grade

In the Fall of 2008, Caesars gluten-free pasta entrees hit the shelves in several Atlanta area stores. They eventually made it into Whole Foods nationwide. The three meals I’ve tried are the Cheese Lasagna, Stuffed Shells and Cheese Manicotti. The New Jersey based company has been in the food business for over fifty years. 

All of the Caesars gluten-free meals contain dairy and eggs but are vegetarian. I did not try the vegetable lasagna, but one would assume since it also contains cheese, it tastes like the cheese version with veggies added to it.    

As all cheese filled meals are, these entrees are high in fat and calories. I found the frozen gluten-free meals to be at least as good if not better than any gluten brand we’ve tried. I would go so far as to say that some gluten frozen pasta meals are not nearly as good as the Caesars meals.

The price of these meals is fairly high, running around $5 each and there is only one serving size per box. For people that don’t cook and can afford the expense, these quick meals are very convenient. I use them only when making dinner for one or when traveling.

The stuffed shells are my favorite but mostly because I never make them myself. I make lasagna in cool weather often. Stuffed shells require a little more work than I’m willing to do in the kitchen. The only gluten-free version of them I’ve had to date is the Caesars meal. If you want to make your own stuffed shells, Tinkyada makes gluten-free shells – the only version I’ve found to date. 

Oddly enough, there has been quite a bit of press about these meals in the press lately, at least on the internet. Reuters reported on them back in July of this year in this article. The Savvy Celiac seemed to like the meals and like me, found it quite that odd that there is no mention of gluten-free products on the company’s website.

It does not take that long for a webmaster to add a page listing the gluten-free products on a website. Caesars would do well to update their site so that people looking to refer stores to order it in can find the products. There seems to be a trend for companies that produce gluten foods to not understand the way the gluten-free market works. Over and over I find websites that do not contain information about the gluten-free products the manufacturer makes.

Check out the stores listed in this website except to see if stores near you carry the product line –

Our family entered the food business in 1955. Pasta became our primary food line by 1968. Since then, we have become one of the major Italian Frozen Pasta specialty companies in the Philadelphia marketplace-serving all Acme, Superfresh, Pathmark, Shop Rite, Genuardi’s and Super G food chains. We also serve a host of independent food markets such as Shop N Bag, Thriftway, Foodtown, Shop N Save, etc., as well as the New York metropolitan marketplace, the Baltimore-Washington, D.C. area and the U.S. Military commissaries worldwide.

If you like frozen gluten pasta dinners, you’ll likely enjoy the gluten-free meals from Caesars. The company will be represented at the AMC Gluten-Free Vendor Fair on October 17th in Atlanta. I’m going to make a point to drop by and suggest that they add gluten-free product info to their website. I sure hope they’re giving away discount coupons that day!

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