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Jul 13 2010

Canyon Bakehouse Hits a Home Run with Hamburger Buns

A couple of months back, both Anne Steib & I were able to review the breads, muffins & focaccia bread made by Canyon Bakehouse. Anne’s review can be found here and mine can be found here. I heard through the wonderful grapevine called “Twitter” that Canyon Bakehouse had just released hamburger buns onto the market. After sampling their other products, I knew that I had to get my hands on some of those buns – STAT!

Christi Skow of Canyon Bakehouse was nice enough to send us some complimentary samples to review. These included the new, highly raved about buns. The buns are made with 100% whole grain, have 4 grams of fiber and 4 grams of protein per bun! Those are some great stats for a gluten-free bun. The ingredients are: water, brown rice flour, tapioca flour, organic agave syrup, whole grain sorghum flour, xanthan gum, eggs, cultured corn starch, whole grain millet, extra virgin olive oil, yeast, potato flour, sea salt, sesame seeds, natural enzymes. But, how did they taste?

I passed these buns out to my favorite testers and received rave reviews. My mom, Linda, is probably the best endorsement for this product. Linda does not have to eat gluten-free, yet often does when she comes to visit me. I made her lunch yesterday and used this bun as a base for her sandwich. Her sandwich was comprised of deli turkey, mustard, mixed greens & yellow bell pepper. Upon her first bite she said the bun was good, but wanted to eat a good amount before giving her review. She was pleasantly surprised at how well she liked this bun. The bun was not toasted, but assembled at room temperature and then placed in the cooler to consume at the pool. It held together well and did not have a dense texture. She said that she wouldn’t have known that it was gluten-free if I hadn’t told her and went so far as to say that she would buy these even though she doesn’t have to eat gluten-free! I believe that speaks volumes about this product. The bun is a good size, so should fare well for those summer burgers on the grill with all of the fixings. The buns cost $4.99/4 buns. Canyon Bakehouse products can be purchased online here or in these stores.

If whole grain, seeded buns are not your thing, make sure to check out the article that Tiffany Janes wrote about other gluten-free hamburger bun options.

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  1. Tiffany Janes says:

    Hi Kim – great review! I actually ordered the Canyon Bakehouse buns and we also liked them very much. I detected a very slight sweetness to the buns and therefore decided they went better with bbq than burgers (for us anyway). They went perfectly with the Shane’s bbq pork. We still have some buns left so I’m going to use them for cold deli sandwiches. Thanks for the idea! I reviewed the White Mountain bread and focaccia from the line on the TD blog. Both are exceptional products!

  2. Brandon says:

    How many calories does each bun contain?

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