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Jul 25 2013

Nationwide Children’s Hospital Opens Celiac Disease Center

Jon was first diagnosed with Celiac Disease in the summer of 2006.  His pediatrician did the blood work, but once that came back positive, we were referred to a gastroenterologist at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.  While that GI doctor is no longer there, we began seeing Dr. Jolanda Denham shortly after Jon’s diagnosis.  Not only has […]

May 15 2013

NFCA Webinar: Celiac Disease: Immunology 101 and the Drug Development Process

Celiac Disease is treated one way, with the gluten-free diet.  There are no expensive medications to pay for, just “simply” remove gluten from your diet.  In the grand scheme of things, of diseases and disorders, it could be a lot worse.  The diet can be what you make it – purchasing whole unprocessed foods that […]

Feb 7 2013

Sex and the Celiac: Dating Tips for the Gluten-Free

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner even though it just seems like Thanksgiving was just yesterday.  There are some very important things to consider when dating gluten-free, especially if your date isn’t gluten-free.  The NFCA (National Foundation for Celiac Awareness has generously provided the following tips to help keep you safe. When you have […]

Feb 2 2013

NFCA Webinar: Sex and the Celiac: A Focus on Reproductive Health

If you haven’t attended one of the NFCA’s webinars, you are missing out.  They are truly a wealth of information.  The next webinar in the line-up is “Sex and the Celiac: A Focus on Reproductive Health”.   Have you suffered from infertility as a result of Celiac Disease or know someone that has? More about […]

Dec 1 2012

NFCA Webinar: You Ask, We Answer: 60 Minutes with Top Celiac Disease Researchers

The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) has announced the next webinar in its line-up, scheduled for Wednesday, December 19, 2012.  The NFCA is a wonderful resource for all things Celiac and/or gluten-free.  More information on the Webinar:  You Ask, We Answer: 60 Minutes with Top Celiac Disease Researchers Space is limited. Reserve your Webinar […]