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Oct 5 2011

Celiac Disease–Annual Screening?

Once you have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, the treatment is a life-long adherence to the gluten-free diet.  There are currently no other treatments.  No medications.  Nothing.  Some doctors believe in yearly screenings to see if the patient is complying with the diet, while others feel that such screening isn’t necessary.  There are a couple […]

May 3 2011

May is Celiac Disease Awareness Month- What Can You Do?

May is Celiac Disease Awareness Month.  This is probably not the first time you have heard that and it certainly won’t be the last, not if I can help it.    Some quick facts about Celiac Disease: 1 in 133 people in the US actually have Celiac Disease 97% of those people are undiagnosed Celiac Disease […]

Dec 22 2009

Possible Treatments for Celiac Disease

There are many conflicting opinions about whether or not we should be placing our hopes on a medication for celiac or gluten intolerance. Many people would take a drug in a New York minute if they could, just so they could eat a “normal” diet so to speak. Others argue that “normal” for us is avoiding gluten […]

Jun 6 2009

Celiac Disease and Physical Activity

Due to the large variety in symptoms often found with a Celiac Disease diagnosis, each individual will suffer from Celiac Disease differently.   Symptoms may include neurological symptoms, physical symptoms and overall feelings of fatigue or depression.  As a result, each individual with Celiac Disease must find their own individual balanced lifestyle. Balanced lifestyles are especially […]

Mar 30 2009

Celiac Disease Vaccine Goes to First Trials

According to The Australian, it looks like this April 40 volunteers will be tested with the worlds first Celiac Disease vaccine.  This trial will last a total of 11 months and attempt to determine if the vaccine does any harm. The second trial for this new vaccine will attempt to determine whether or not the […]