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Aug 7 2009

Videos of Celiac Disease Camp

Celiac camps have started popping up throughout the United States over the past decade, but these are mainly geared towards children with Celiac Disease or other food allergies.  As adults, have you ever wondered what Celiac camp is like? While browsing YouTube, I came across a couple videos of Celiac camp built into a slideshow, […]

Jul 24 2009

Celiac Disease Center Now Has YouTube Channel

It is great to see a growing number of Celiac-related videos showing up on YouTube to help educate people on Celiac Disease.   Thanks to our friend Jen Cafferty of The Examiner, a couple of days ago I discovered that the Celiac Disease Center (located at Columbia University) now has their own dedicated YouTube channel, which […]

Jul 8 2009

Video Travel Tips for Traveling with Food Allergies

Traveling with Celiac Disease, or any type of food allergy, is one of those things where you can never have enough information in my opinion.   Packing portable snacks and doing internet research ahead of time are only a few of the useful travel tips out there and learning from those that frequently travel is very […]

Jul 4 2009

Celiac Disease Treatment Videos from the Mayo Clinic

True to our word, we are continuing to search the web for Celiac Disease videos to share with our readers.   Here are a few videos we ran across and decide our readers might find some value in. The first two videos feature Joseph Murray, M.D., a Mayo Clinic gastroenterologist and specialist in Celiac Disease.   The […]

Jun 28 2009

Celiac Disease Videos by Dr. Vikki Petersen

Some of our readers have expressed a desire to see more videos featured here at Celiac Disease.  As always, we try to accommodate the readers whenever possible, so here are a few videos we found via YouTube by Dr. Vikki Petersen discusses the gluten free diet (the first two videos) and vitamin D. Feel free […]