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Sep 17 2012

Help Empower Kids with Celiac

It is hard as an adult to accept a change in diet and understand Celiac Disease, imagine being a kid!  Jon was diagnosed at 10 years old and he didn’t really understand, or even want to understand, what was going on.  All he knew was that he could no longer have his favorite foods because […]

Apr 17 2012

The Great Gluten Escape–Celiac Camp

Have you always wanted to send your child away to summer camp, but worried how the camp would safely feed your child while they were away from home?  The Great Gluten Escape is a camp dedicated to children between the ages of 7-15 on the gluten-free diet.  The camp is located at Camp Gilmont in […]

Dec 20 2011

Just $2 Can Go a Long Way: How You Can Help Send Children To A Gluten-Free Summer Camp

Did you go to camp as a child?  I never had the opportunity, but can only imagine what fun that would be!  There is a very real problem, though.  How do you make sure that your gluten-free child can eat safely while away from home?  The summer of 2012 will be a great summer.  Why? […]

Oct 24 2011

Childhood Risks of Gluten Contamination: Straw Rides

Now that the colder weather has hit and we are smack in the middle of Fall, the usual events and invites are popping up for the kids.  Thanksgiving just passed here in Canada and Halloween is coming up and that brings to mind one event that happens at least once a year. Straw rides and […]

Sep 27 2011

Study Looks at Celiac Disease Antibodies in Children on a Gluten-Free Diet

A new study published in the September 2011 issue of Pediatrics looked at the celiac disease specific antibodies in children on a gluten-free diet. The study aimed to determine what happens to the anti-TG2 and EMA antibodies in children after starting a gluten-free diet. In a retrospective multicenter study conducted in the Netherlands between 2001 and […]