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Jan 3 2014

Purely Elizabeth Introduces Ancient Grain Oatmeal + Hot Cereal

Cold winter mornings were meant for a warm breakfast, like a hot bowl of oatmeal.  Purely Elizabeth recently introduced a brand new Ancient Grain Oatmeal + Hot Cereal that is offered in several different varieties.  (source) More about the new cereal: The different varieties include: Organic 6 Grain Organic Cranberry Pumpkin Seed Organic Apple Cinnamon […]

Jan 2 2014

Healthy Gluten-Free Muffin Recipe

Many people are making healthier food choices today as they start to follow their resolutions.  Making healthier food choices can mean something different to each person.  When I hear healthier food choices, I think of a food or dish that contains vitamins and nutrients that my body needs to function well…this includes healthy amounts of […]

Jan 1 2014

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2014

Happy New Year!  At midnight we said goodbye to 2013 and welcomed 2014.  Many people eat pork on New Year’s day for good luck in the coming year.  Pork, potatoes, sauerkraut, black eyed peas are all naturally gluten-free, making it easy to prepare a meal to welcome in the new year. I find the easiest […]

Dec 31 2013

Spotlight on Amaranth

There are only roughly 12 hours left in 2013.  Many people kick off the new year with new goals, resolutions and a new attitude.  Some of those goals include eating a healthier diet, so I thought it would be a good time to share some information about amaranth.  Amaranth is a nutrient-dense gluten-free grain that […]

Dec 30 2013

Review: Annie’s Rice Shells & Creamy White Cheddar

We love mac & cheese in this house, so when I saw Annie’s Homegrown Rice Shells & Creamy White Cheddar on sale, I picked up a few boxes.  More about Annie’s: For more than 20 years, Annie’s has been nourishing families with simple, down-to-earth foods that taste great and are easy to love. Our passionate […]