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Apr 28 2011

The Great Gluten Escape–Camp for Celiac Kids

I always dreamed of going away to sleep away camp as a child.  I never went to sleep away camp, most likely because I didn’t like to spend the night away from home, which seems funny since I dreamed of going to camp!  It was hard enough for my parents to get me to spend […]

Feb 16 2010

Boulder County Celiacs Meeting 2/17

The Boulder County Celiacs are meeting tomorrow night! If you live in the Boulder (Colorado) area be sure to sign-up to get the BCC emails by going to their official website and using the sign-up box at the bottom of the page. Meetings are held every other month on even months, usually on the 3rd […]

Oct 11 2009

Starting a Gluten Free Support Group and Getting a Free Website

When starting a Gluten-Free Support Group, you should consider the group having its own dedicated web site, in which you can pass on information, updates of whats is being planned, local interest newsletters, photos from your events, and more!  It also allows you to spread the word around that you exist, what your aims and ambitions are as […]

Oct 7 2009

Celiac Support Group 101: Helpful Hints

Most celiac or gluten-free support groups are run by a dedicated few who pour their heart and soul in to making the group everything they think it can be. These dedicated leaders often spend their own money trying to provide newsletters, drinks at meetings, and countless hours emailing members. Here are a few tips to […]

Sep 23 2009

Introduction to The Crawley Gluten Free Group, UK

This is a brief introduction to our UK Gluten-Free Group, which my wife, Dodie and I (Don) founded in 2007. We now have around 100 members, a reasonable bank balance, 2 grants from our local Council, a free web site, with 1 sponsor, which has to date been opened by 121 different countries, the UK […]