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Sep 23 2009

Introduction to The Crawley Gluten Free Group, UK

This is a brief introduction to our UK Gluten-Free Group, which my wife, Dodie and I (Don) founded in 2007. We now have around 100 members, a reasonable bank balance, 2 grants from our local Council, a free web site, with 1 sponsor, which has to date been opened by 121 different countries, the UK […]

Sep 18 2009

Gluten-free Support Group Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary

Twenty years seems like an extraordinarily long time for a gluten-free support group to be in existence. It’s doubtful that twenty doctors in the country even knew (and thoroughly understood) what celiac disease was twenty years ago. Yet, the Houston CSA Group is celebrating their 20 year anniversary tomorrow! Excerpt from Houston Celiacs website:  20TH ANNIVERSARY PARTY […]

Sep 16 2009

Meet The Gluten Intolerance Group of North America

Better known as GIG to many, the Gluten Intolerance Group of North America organization is a major force in the celiac community. What I respect most about GIG is that they continue to educate us with the latest and greatest gluten-free information available from around the world. GIG is dedicated to spreading awareness of the most current […]

Sep 12 2009

Southeast GIG Group September Events

On Sunday, September 13th, the East Florida Celiac Support Group is meeting at the Cape Canaveral Hospital at 1:00 PM. Directions are posted on the groups website. This news comes from Mike Jones who manages the website for the group. Over in Huntsville, AL, The North Alabama Gluten Intolerance Group will meet Saturday, September 19th, […]

Sep 4 2009

New Celiac Support Group in Chattanooga!

We like to profile celiac support groups around the country on this site, and a new one recently started up in Chattanooga, TN, that everyone in that area should know about. Gluten-Free Chattanooga had it’s first meeting recently and might I say – it’s about time! About three years ago,  there was a support group […]