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Dec 31 2008

Whole Foods Pulls Mislabeled Gluten Free Products Off Shelves

As a follow up to their previous post, the Chicago Tribune now reports that Whole Foods Market has finally removed three gluten free products from their shelves due to them containing gluten. According to the article, it sounds like Whole Foods Market intially refused, but due to the number of complaints from consumers, they decided to go ahead […]

Nov 29 2008

John Soules Foods, Inc. Recalls Chicken Products Due to Undeclared Allergens

This isn’t exactly breaking news, but while I was on vacation this week it looks like John Soules Foods, Inc. recalled their chicken strips after discovering an undeclared allergen.   In reading through the recall notice, it looks like the allergen was in fact wheat, which is something that could affect Celiacs nationwide. If you’ve purchased […]