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Jul 26 2008

Is Intestinal Gluten Receptor A Gateway for Celiac Disease?

Have discoveries been made with researchers who study Celiac Disease?  According to Resurrection Health Care, it looks like some progress has been made.    Here is an excerpt from their post: The research team found that gliadin, the part of gluten that causes the most trouble for those with celiac disease, binds to the CXCR3 receptor. […]

Jun 27 2008

Israel Restaurants Going Gluten Free?

Today while scouring the internet for Celiac news, I noticed a quick article in the Jewish Press about restaurants in Israel.   It appears that many are going healthy, including many gluten free alternatives: Jerusalem – The website of 2Eat, ( a popular Israeli Hebrew restaurant, reports that 85 percent of Israel’s restaurants now offer healthy […]

Jun 17 2008

Celiacs Need to Know About Hepatitis B Vaccine

Based upon the nature of Celiac Disease and its relationship with the immune system, it seems that some people with Celiac Disease are not adequately protected by the Hepatitis B vaccine.  Here is an excerpt from’s post: When you receive the hepatitis B vaccine series, your immune system is supposed to respond by producing […]

Jun 16 2008

Costa Cruises To Add Gluten Free Meals

Popular European cruise lines Costa Cruises has announced that they are now offering a gluten free menu to their guests.  According to the post: Costa Cruises is to cater for people who have the long-term digestive disorder celiac disease. A special menu has been devised for those with celiac who have to maintain a strict gluten-free […]

Jun 8 2008

Food Allergies Are Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

Today I noticed that food allergies were featured in the Washington Post and figured I would share.  Though it isn’t specific to Celiac Disease, it certainly applies to us.    Here is an excerpt from their post: The market for food-allergy and intolerance products is projected to reach $3.9 billion this year, according to Packaged Facts, […]