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May 30 2008

AT-1001 Medicine to Treat Celiac Disease?

Today I was reading about a new medicine that is currently in the early testing phase that may perhaps be a treatment for Celiac Disease. According to Yahoo Health: In one study, researchers found that an investigational medicine called AT-1001 may protect celiac disease patients from exposure to gluten. The drug does this by preventing […]

May 27 2008 Features Celiac Disease

Celiac Disease continues to get featured in more high profile places.   The most recent is, who has posted that Celiac Disease is a growing problem. I’m not sure I would classify it as a growing problem, but I think there is a problem with people having the disease and not knowing it.  Here is […]

May 18 2008

Are We To Get a More Accurate Definition of Gluten Free Soon?

According to a recent article over at the Orlando Sentinel, it looks like the FDA is in the process of establishing a definition for gluten free.  The hope is that with a clear definition of what gluten free is, we will start to see more accurate labels on grocery store foods. Here is an excerpt […]

May 9 2008

Large Companies Are Becoming Gluten Free Conscious

Today I ran across an interesting post over at Brand Week that I thought I would share with you.  It is about General Mills and their gluten free Rice Chex.  While this is exciting news, this is just one of many major changes with large companies who are starting to be more conscious of the […]