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Apr 17 2014

Is Cricket Flour Gluten-Free?

There are many things that those who follow a gluten-free diet must avoid, but cricket flour is not one of them. Cricket flour is gluten-free and exactly what you think it is…flour made from ground crickets. Why crickets? Read on… Insects are exceptionally nutritious. They are high in protein and low in saturated fats and […]

Apr 4 2014

PASCHA Chocolate – Allergen-Free Chocolate

This week I have shared a couple of different Easter ideas since it is right around the corner. No Easter is complete without chocolate, right? PASCHA Organic Dark Chocolate is not only gluten-free, but free of nuts, eggs, dairy and soy, too! More about PASCHA: PASCHA was created in 2012, out of the passion of […]

Apr 2 2014

Gluten-Free Ohio Style

Raisin Rack has the largest gluten-free specialty food selection in Ohio. In addition to offering this wide variety, they often hold sampling days so you can “try before you buy”. The first such day is coming up this weekend. More about Gluten-Free Ohio Style Sampling Day: Among the Ohio companies that plan to attend in […]

Apr 1 2014

Surf Sweets for Easter

Easter is just a few weeks away on Sunday, April 20, 2014. We all know that for kids (and some adults), Easter is not just a religious holiday, but one where the large bunny visits and leaves a basket full of treats. Those who have to follow a gluten-free diet need to make sure their […]

Mar 21 2014

San-J Introduces Gluten-Free Instant Miso and Wakame Soups

San-J is well-known for its premium soy sauce, one I usually have on hand in our house. I really like the Tamari Lite version, which has 50% less sodium. Now San-J is introducing Gluten-Free Instant Miso and Wakame Soups. More about Miso: Traditional miso soup starts with dashi, a fish stock base, which is brought […]