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Oct 20 2014

Review: Krusteaz Gluten-Free Pancakes

We didn’t waste anytime sampling the new Krusteaz Gluten-Free Pancakes that I found at Meijer last week. Jon came home over the weekend, so Aaron made a batch of pancakes for breakfast on Saturday and Sunday. The mix requires the addition of water, milk and egg. We tried the pancakes with both milk and almond […]

Oct 18 2014

Review: Aldi Live Gfree Chicken Nuggets

Chicken nuggets have always been a popular food item in our house. Before there were any gluten-free frozen chicken nugget offerings we would make them from scratch using a gluten-free flour or breading mix. While those are very good, sometimes time does not allow for homemade chicken nuggets. Aldi’s Live Gfree line has frozen Chicken […]

Oct 14 2014

Review: Live Gfree Cracklebread

Jon was home again this past weekend and we made a trip to Aldi before he headed back to school. We picked up his favorites so he would have food for the next couple of weeks and I picked up a couple of things for myself, including the Live Gfree Original Cracklebread. Ingredients: Rice flour, […]

Oct 7 2014

Review: Aldi Live Gfree Pretzel Sticks

Aldi is now on my list of stores to hit each week. We have found some products we love and feel like we are hunting for treasure each time we go shopping. Each time I shop at Aldi I find a new Live Gfree product and I was thrilled when I found gluten-free pretzels for […]

Sep 3 2014

This Bar Saves Lives

There are a lot of children in the world who go without food. It is something that I often forget, as we have plenty of food. Reading about hunger, I learned that each year severe acute malnutrition claims the lives of 2.6 million children worldwide. For each one of those children that dies, there are […]