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Feb 25 2015

Review: Eggo Gluten-Free Waffles

There are lots of new gluten-free products hitting the shelves these days. One in particular that both Jon and I were excited about were the Eggo Gluten-Free Waffles I first learned about in December. After checking my local grocery store weekly, I finally found the new Eggo Gluten-Free Waffles. They were right with the regular […]

Feb 23 2015

Review: Girl Scouts Toffee-Tastic Gluten-Free Cookies

Ever since I heard about the Girls Scouts debuting a new gluten-free cookie in December, I have been excited to sample them. Last week we received our Girl Scout cookie order complete with two boxes of the new Toffee-Tastic Cookies. I don’t think the front door was even shut all the way when I dug […]

Feb 13 2015

Immaculate Baking Debuts Gluten-Free Cookie Mixes

Immaculate Baking was one of the first companies to make gluten-free refrigerated cookie doughs. Now they are branching out and have introduced a line of gluten-free cookie mixes to make at home. The mixes come in three different varieties and only require the addition of a few basic ingredients. I spotted them in our local […]

Feb 11 2015

Crunchmaster Valentine’s Day Recipe + Candy Tips

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away. That means there are going to be lots of holiday shaped candies all over the place. While the normal versions of some of these candies may be gluten-free, that doesn’t mean the special versions are gluten-free. It is more important now to be diligent about checking the […]

Feb 9 2015

Pillsbury Debuts New Gluten-Free Products

It has been a couple of years since Pillsbury added gluten-free products to their refrigerated dough line-up. Those products are widely available in grocery stores across the US, making it easier for those following the gluten-free diet. When time is short, or you are a beginner baker, it is nice to have such options available. Now […]