Gluten Free Cosmetics Archives - Celiac Disease
May 8 2014

Jason Gluten-Free Products

Taking good care of your skin is important, but can get complicated when trying to avoid gluten in the products. Many popular products contain gluten and while gluten isn’t absorbed through the skin, some people have a skin form of Celiac Disease called Dermatitis Herpetiformis. I don’t have DH, but like to avoid gluten in […]

May 7 2014

Avalon Organics Gluten-Free Hair Care & Shower Gel

The last place we often think about looking for gluten is in our health and beauty products. While we don’t ingest these products, many people may be sensitive to gluten in other ways, especially those with dermatitis herpetiformis. Avalon Organics has a new certified gluten-free line that includes shampoo, conditioner, bath gel and body lotion. […]

Nov 30 2013

Red Apple Lipstick News

Red Apple Lipstick was set to debut their gluten-free mascara in just a few days, but is having to delay the launch due to circumstances beyond their control.  According to an email I received earlier this week, the supplier of a critical ingredient didn’t come through with said ingredient, setting the debut back a couple […]

Oct 22 2013

Gluten-Free Mascara from Red Apple Lipstick

Do you use gluten-free mascara?  You don’t eat it, so some people don’t think about their make-up needing to be gluten-free, other than their lipstick or gloss.  To be honest I didn’t worry too much about mascara being gluten-free until I got a free sample from the mall cosmetic counter and my eyes started to […]

Sep 9 2013

Review: Tom’s of Maine Products

I have been hearing about Tom’s of Maine for years, but had never tried any of their products until recently when I received some complimentary samples in the mail.  I received the following Tom’s of Maine products pictured below. · Long Lasting Deodorant Unscented · Beautiful Earth Long Lasting Deodorant · Naturally Clean Toothbrush · […]