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Feb 20 2015

Review: Wild Planet Tuna + Recipe

I have always been a huge fan of tuna, even when I was a child. It didn’t matter if it was in the form of tuna salad, tuna casserole, creamed tuna over muffins or a tuna melt. Recently I received some samples of tuna from Wild Planet Foods and had a lot of fun figuring […]

Feb 11 2015

Crunchmaster Valentine’s Day Recipe + Candy Tips

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away. That means there are going to be lots of holiday shaped candies all over the place. While the normal versions of some of these candies may be gluten-free, that doesn’t mean the special versions are gluten-free. It is more important now to be diligent about checking the […]

Jan 16 2015

Among Friends Gluten-Free Baking Mixes

I found a new-to-me gluten-free baking mix when I was shopping at Costco last week. It caught my eye because of the unique packaging and ingredients. AmongFriends Hand-Crafted Baking Mixes are certified gluten-free and non-GMO. When I got home and began to research, I learned AmongFriends offers a nice variety of gluten-free mixes. Those different […]

Jan 12 2015

gfJules Giveaway

We can go through life feeling sorry for ourselves because we can’t eat the foods we once loved, or we can take advantage of some of the amazing gluten-free products available to us and make those beloved food items. gfJules is one of my favorite gluten-free baking product companies. Jules really gets it and has […]

Jan 3 2015

Jax Peters Lowell to Launch New Book in February 2015

Jax Peters Lowell wrote The Gluten-Free Bible, one of the first books I read when I first began the gluten-free diet in January 2006. It has been almost nine years now since I started the diet and many things have changed over those years, so it seems only fitting that Lowell has a new book […]