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Oct 21 2015

Recipe: Cranberry Orange Almond Bark

Since the holidays are right around the corner, I thought now would be a great time to share this simple recipe for Cranberry Orange Almond Bark. The recipe comes from Cookina, the maker of reusable baking, cooking and grilling sheets. They also offer a 3-in-1 product that can be used as an alternative to foil, […]

Sep 30 2015

Recipe: Hello Dolly Bars – Gluten-Free Style

As September comes to an end, I can’t help but begin to think about the upcoming holidays. Halloween is a five weeks away. Thanksgiving is nine weeks away. Christmas is thirteen weeks away. All of those holidays usually mean there will be festive desserts of some sort to add to the celebration. Walker’s Shortbread is […]

Aug 10 2015

Summer Snacking with Crunchmaster

Crunchmaster Crackers are among my favorites. They have a great texture and flavor and come in many different varieties. I recently received an email with a bunch of different summer snacking ideas from Crunchmaster. They provided some great ideas to help enjoy the remainder of the summer before all of the kids are back in […]

Jul 1 2015

Recipe: Delicious Bruschetta

Welcome to July! Can you believe 2015 is half over already? I really don’t know where the time goes. It sure hasn’t been feeling much like summer here in Ohio. In fact the weather has been much more like spring with all of the rain and fall with the cooler temperatures. Hopefully July brings some […]

Jan 12 2015

gfJules Giveaway

We can go through life feeling sorry for ourselves because we can’t eat the foods we once loved, or we can take advantage of some of the amazing gluten-free products available to us and make those beloved food items. gfJules is one of my favorite gluten-free baking product companies. Jules really gets it and has […]