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Oct 28 2013

Recipe: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

There is nothing better on a cold afternoon than a couple of warm cookies straight from the oven.  Gluten-free cookies don’t have to use fancy ingredients, they can be made simply with less than five ingredients, even by a novice baker. The classic combination of peanut butter and chocolate is always a hit in our […]

Oct 24 2013

Recipe: Pumpkin Cookies

There is something about Pumpkin Cookies that soothes my soul.  Perhaps it is because they were the signature cookie my grandmother baked come fall, and now that she is gone, the cookie brings back fond memories.  Or maybe it is simply that pumpkin signals the impending arrival of the holiday season.  Whatever the reason, it […]

Dec 5 2012

Recipe: Gluten-Free Pumpkin Honey Spice Cookies

‘Tis the season for cookies and cookie swaps.  Do you feel like the cookies for this season are always the same?  Time to spice things up with this unique recipe that uses honey in place of sugar.  Did you know that honey is the perfect ingredient for gluten-free baked goods?  Not only is honey naturally […]

Nov 19 2012

It’s Almost Time – Christmas Cookies – Gluten-Free

If you are new to the gluten-free diet, you may be starting to worry that the Christmas or Holiday cookies that you once enjoyed are a thing of the past.  I am here to tell you that is simply not true.  With Thanksgiving three days away, it is time to start thinking about what comes […]

Aug 14 2012

Recipe: Chocolate Chip Sandwich Cookies

My kids love to make sandwich cookies out of the cookies that I bake.  It doesn’t matter what type of cookie it is, they want to spread frosting on the bottom and sandwich another cookie onto it.  Ideally I would love to see an Oatmeal Cream Pie version of this, but since my kids aren’t […]