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Jan 11 2014

Zemas Madhouse Foods Announces New Mixes

Gluten-free specialty foods are often criticized because they lack nutrients that non-gluten-free foods have.  Remove the gluten and with the gluten goes some of those benefits from whole grain wheat or other gluten-containing grains. Zemas Madhouse Foods has a host of gluten-free mixes that include gluten-free ancient grains. More about Zemas Madhouse Foods: Most commercial gluten-free […]

Jan 2 2014

Healthy Gluten-Free Muffin Recipe

Many people are making healthier food choices today as they start to follow their resolutions.  Making healthier food choices can mean something different to each person.  When I hear healthier food choices, I think of a food or dish that contains vitamins and nutrients that my body needs to function well…this includes healthy amounts of […]

Jan 5 2009

Gluten Free Halloween Party Mix

While digging through some of my old gluten free recipes, I found this one for a gluten free Halloween party mix that I wanted to pass along to our readers. It is tasty, fairly healthy, and you can even take it with you on the go! If you’d like to check out other recipe ideas, […]

Dec 13 2008

Gluten Free Chex Mix

Planning to attend a party in the near future? Looking for a great gluten free snack to take with you out in public or while traveling? I’ve always felt that Chex Mix can be a great snack for you to take while going out in public. Here is a gluten free recipe for Chex Mix […]