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Sep 1 2014

Costco Now Carrying Additional Udi’s Gluten-Free Products

We re-joined Costco earlier this year after learning about a number of gluten-free products that we buy, and keep as staples in the house, were available at much lower prices. The money we have saved since joining has more than paid for our membership. The main gluten-free staple I purchase at Costco is Udi’s Gluten-Free […]

Aug 29 2014

Review: Trader Joe’s Gluten-Free Blueberry Muffins

I haven’t had much time to shop at Trader Joe’s this summer, so when I was in the vicinity yesterday, I ran in to see if I could pick up some almond butter. Much to my surprise, my local Trader Joe’s is expanding and making room for more yummy goodness! While on my way through […]

Aug 28 2014

thinkThin Debuts New Lean Protein & Fiber Bars

thinkThin has been making gluten-free protein bars for years now. These bars serve as a quick, nutritious way to fuel your body when you are on-the-go. Now thinkThin is debuting a new bar in their line-up: Lean Protein & Fiber Bars. The new bars are only 150 calories, but have 10 grams of protein and […]

Aug 27 2014

Aldi Live Gfree Brand is Back for Good

I have wonderful news to share with you guys…the Aldi gluten-free product line, Live Gfree, is now back in stores everyday! We had the wonderful opportunity to sample many products in this line earlier this year only to have them disappear from our local store a short time later. I will absolutely be making a stop […]

Aug 26 2014

Dr. Praeger’s Introduces Rice-Crusted Fish Products

Dr. Praeger’s Sensible Foods has been around since 1994 when cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr. Peter Praeger and his medical partner, Dr. Eric Somberg, helped keep a family business alive. After buying Ungar’s Gelfite Fish, the doctors set out on a mission. The mission is to introduce people to healthy food that tasted great. Today some of […]