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Jul 17 2014

New KIND Healthy Grains Clusters

Healthy snacks should be a part of our daily meal plan, but that doesn’t always happen. Life happens. We get busy and often forget to prepare for meals and snacks which can result in poor choices. KIND Snacks help simplify snacking with their Healthy Grains Clusters and now there are three brand new varieties to […]

Jul 12 2014

gfJules Flour Now Available

In April I wrote about Jules Shepard starting a new venture after some tough times in her business. I am thrilled to share with you guys that Jules has gotten things going and she is now offering her do-it-all flour we all know and love again at gfJules. More from Jules: It’s taken a while […]

Jun 19 2014

Celebrate the 4th of July with Peeps

I think it is really important to make sure kids with any kind of food sensitivity or allergy don’t feel like they are being left out. That is one of the reasons I like Peeps. Peeps are gluten-free* and come in a wide variety of flavors, shapes and colors. There is a Peep out there […]

Jun 18 2014

Kutoa Bars: Buy a Bar, Feed a Child

I am a sucker for a good protein or energy bar, especially when it’s for a good cause. Kutoa Bars are just that…”Buy a Bar, Feed a Child”. What does Kutoa mean? In Swahili it means “to give”.  There are five different varieties of Kutoa Bars and three different varieties of Kutoa Kids Squares. Full […]

Jun 16 2014

Breton Introduces Gluten-Free Crackers

Gluten-free crackers used to be hard to find, but not so much anymore. I believe the first gluten-free cracker I tried was Nut Thins by Blue Diamond. They weren’t the normal type of cracker I was looking for, but they were very good and absolutely filled a void. Now, over eight years later, gluten-free crackers […]