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Feb 22 2012

How to Tell if Drugs are Gluten-Free

As if following the gluten-free diet isn’t tough enough when we feel good, but having to make sure that medication is also gluten-free can be a challenge. Over-the-counter meds don’t seem to be as much of a problem in my experience.  Some OTC companies even label their medication “gluten-free” on the bottle.  I find the […]

Jan 6 2012

Review: Florastor Kids

Probiotics are microorganisms that are believed to help keep your digestive system healthy.  I had never thought about taking probiotics until I had GI issues and started the gluten-free diet.  Over the years I have taken a few different kinds or have eaten yogurt to make sure that the balance in my system is as […]

Nov 22 2011

Gluten-Free Cold Medicine

Being sick is no fun for anyone.  Trying to confirm that your cold medicine is gluten-free when you feel horrible seems like the hardest task in the world.  There is a list that I use as my go-to for gluten-free medication information that can be viewed here.  My dad swears by Cold-Eeze.  Every time I […]

Oct 14 2011

Robitussin Warning: Why it is Important to Double Check

It has been a while since I have found a medication that contained gluten.  Maybe it is because I am always using the same medication, or maybe it is because I got a little too comfortable with the medications Jon & I take & have slacked in the department of double checking.  Let this serve […]

Oct 3 2011

Review: Adora Calcium Supplements

After being diagnosed with a stress fracture in my foot in May of 2010 and then found out my grandmother has osteoporosis, I have been a very religious calcium supplement taker.  I may not keep on on all vitamins, but calcium & vitamin D are the ones I make sure to take daily.  My old […]