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Jul 21 2014

Review: Sushi En

I had the pleasure of spending some girly time with a good friend on Saturday. Our time consisted of a much-needed pedicure and a sushi and wine lunch when we were done. Sushi En, an award-winning restaurant, is located right next to the nail salon we went to, so it was a convenient choice. Sushi En […]

Jul 18 2014

Review: Red Lobster Gluten-Free

We went on a short road trip yesterday to Cleveland to see my grandmother and have lunch with her. One of my grandmother’s favorite restaurants is Red Lobster, so we picked her up and away we went. Having previously written about the gluten-free at Red Lobster, I knew there would be plenty of options for […]

Jun 26 2014

Summer at Wendy’s

Summertime often means family vacations, road trips, etc. Unless you plan on packing food for every meal, you will most likely have to stop along the way to eat. Fast food isn’t always the healthiest option, and many of those options contain gluten. Wendy’s offers a nice variety of options for those needing to follow […]

Jun 25 2014

Firebirds Wood Fired Grill Gluten-Free Menu

Living in Columbus, Ohio means having access to a plethora of restaurants that offer gluten-free menus. While it used to be that we only had a handful of places where we knew we could dine gluten-free safely, there are so many now that it is often hard to decide. I’ll take that any day over […]

Jun 6 2014

Hot Head Burritos Gluten-Free Options

Hot Head Burritos was founded in 2007 by Cynthia Wiley and Raymond Wiley. It quickly became a top competitor in the “Quick Serve Mexican” category and has 55 locations in six different states, with the majority being located in Ohio. One of the best things about Mexican restaurants is that it is often easy to […]