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Jul 4 2011

Review: New Gluten-Free Menu at Rosa Mexicano

When the Atlanta location of Rosa Mexicano opened several years ago, word quickly spread that the menu there was very gluten-free friendly.  The gluten-free training of the staff was slightly shaky at first, but servers who couldn’t answer questions about gluten-free options quickly referred to the chef so they could relay accurate information to gluten-free […]

Jun 20 2011

Review: Gluten-free Bun at Cheeseburger in Paradise

Over three years ago, when I found out that Cheeseburger in Paradise had gluten-free French fries, I went into to have bun-less burger with shoestring fries and the food was really good.  However, the restaurant is not convenient for me to get to and with so many places in Atlanta serving gluten-free buns; I could […]

Jun 14 2011

Review: Yeah! Burger in Atlanta

It’s been just about a year since I first enjoyed my first burger with a great gluten-free bun AND gluten-free onion rings at Yeah! Burger in Atlanta.  The local gourmet burger joint has offered gluten-free fries and buns since they opened, and they added onion rings to their offerings shortly thereafter. The delicious gluten-free hamburger […]

Apr 2 2011

Trusting Restaurants

Have you heard about the chef out of Colorado that was bragging on Facebook this week about feeding his customers gluten despite their asking for gluten-free food?  Unfortunately this is not an April Fool’s joke and is true.  It is one thing to inadvertently get cross contamination in your food when dining out, but to […]

Feb 24 2011

Avoid Dining Out at Peak Times if Possible

We eat out as much as we did when I could eat gluten, but just like we did in the past, we tend to visit our favorite places and choose to venture out to new ones pretty infrequently. I enjoy trying new places when meeting friends for lunch. We usually go early or late, avoiding […]