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May 28 2011

Review: GoPicnic Tuna & Crackers

Just recently I had the pleasure of sampling & reviewing the Tuna & Crackers GoPicnic meal.  I have been hearing about the GoPicnic meals for a while, yet I had never had the opportunity to try them.  (Source) I was saving the meal for a time when I needed a fairly substantial meal on-the-go that […]

May 25 2011

I Like Mine with Lettuce & Tomato

Cheeseburger in Paradise will be adding gluten-free buns to their menus across the nation beginning in June.  While Cheeseburger in Paradise has offered a nice variety of foods on their gluten-free menu for a few years now, only a few select locations have offered the gluten-free buns in the past.  Here is the press release […]

Apr 28 2011

The Great Gluten Escape–Camp for Celiac Kids

I always dreamed of going away to sleep away camp as a child.  I never went to sleep away camp, most likely because I didn’t like to spend the night away from home, which seems funny since I dreamed of going to camp!  It was hard enough for my parents to get me to spend […]

Apr 27 2011

Gluten-free Travel Friendly Foods

Back in 2006 when we took our first gluten-free transatlantic flight, Delta lost my special request meal which was not even gluten-free in the first place. Delta had dropped their gluten-free meal option a couple of months prior to our trip. After multiple calls to multiple reps at Delta, that left me in tears in […]

Mar 24 2011

Surviving Spring Break Gluten-free Style

In our area, children will be on out of school for spring break very soon. This means a trip to the beach for many families. It should be a fun trip for everyone, but for families with gluten-free kids and/or parents, it can turn into more trouble than it’s worth. Not only do the bags, […]