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Feb 22 2011

Product Review: Grandma Lulu’s Sand Dollar Cookies

I received a real treat on my front porch the other day – Gluten-free Sand Dollar Sugar Cookies from Grandma Lulu’s.  I had just finished lunch when the cookies arrived, so it was the perfect time to dig into the box.  As I opened the box I found an adorably wrapped, white chocolate covered sand […]

Jun 14 2009

Where to Find Gluten Free Wedding Cakes in Atlanta, Georgia

Here in the United States, it has taken some time, but bakeries are slowly starting to offer a variety of gluten free wedding cakes for brides and grooms that are following a gluten free diet.    Recently, over at the Examiner, a nice post was published featuring a business in the Atlanta, Georgia area named Mark […]

Oct 7 2008

How Can I Get a Gluten Free Wedding Cake?

Are you planning a gluten free reception in the near future?   Finding some gluten free meals to offer is difficult but not impossible; however, what about a gluten free wedding cake?  This is the one thing on the menu that every guest will likely eat, so you’ll want to make sure you get a good gluten free […]