Celebrity to Open Gluten-Free Bakery - Celiac Disease
Nov 9 2011

Celebrity to Open Gluten-Free Bakery

Do you like to hear about celebrities that have Celiac Disease?  While I don’t wish an illness or disease on anyone, it does help to get the word out about Celiac Disease and the gluten-free diet when there is a bigger listening audience.  Celebrity = large audience.  There are many celebrities among us today that have Celiac Disease or that are following the gluten-free diet for other reasons.

While I have known for a while that Jennifer Esposito has Celiac Disease, I just heard last week that she plans on opening a gluten-free bakery in New York City.  According to this article, Esposito was diagnosed in 2009.  She announced on the David Letterman show last week that she has been researching products for a while and the muffins are so good you can’t tell the difference!  This bakery news follows up a story from July 2011 that Esposito was writing a book detailing her struggle with Celiac Disease.  She has also founded “Jennifer’s Way”, a support network to raise awareness & educate others about the need to lead a healthy lifestyle.  Jennifer’s Way can also be found on Facebook.

Things that Esposito has in the works (source):

My troops and I have quite a bit in the works!  Check out the list below for our projects.  I will be posting about them in the days and weeks to come.  Visit frequently for updates!

Ever Onward ~

1. “WHAT DO YOU MISS?” Tell me what you miss & I’ll try to make it!

2. Look for Jennifer on the cover of “Celiac Awareness”- a comprehensive lifestyle guide on adopting a gluten free life.

3. A special insert in USA Today out Fri NOV 18th.

4. A Jennifer’s Way bakery is under way in Manhattan.

5. Jennifer’s Way flour to be purchased right here!

6. Recipe book of everything from savory to sweet.

7. A very personal memoir of Jennifer’s journey through this crazy road called celiac disease.

I am excited most about #1 – “What do you miss?”.  Starting in February 2012, 1-2 recipes will be chosen & recreated.  Once they have been recreated, they will be posted & Esposito will send a handwritten recipe card to put in your recipe collection.

Esposito has appeared in several movies & TV shows, with the most recent being the movie “Crash”.  The bottom line is the more information that is put out there, via celebrity or “normal” people, the better.  Don’t think that your voice doesn’t matter – use it.  Educate your friends, family, grocery store and restaurant managers.

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Kyle Eslick is the founder of Gluten Free Media, as well as the creator of the popular Celiac Support Groups page. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and now Google+!

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