Delight Gluten-free Magazine Goes National!
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Tiffany is considered a gluten-free advocate as well as the most discriminating gluten-free diner around. Her goal is to help others learn that there is life after a celiac diagnosis. Gluten-free dining and travel are two of her favorite things to do. Tiffany is a contributing writer and the Advertising Manager at "Delight gluten free" magazine. Check out her local blog, Gluten-Free Atlanta, for tips and tricks about living gluten-free in the ATL! Follow Tiffany on Twitter!


  1. How exciting!! I will keep my eyes open for this magazine! I can’t wait to read it.


  2. Claudia Macedo says:

    Too bad the international customers are being poorly served: I paid for my subscription about a year ago, and so far I have received only one issue… I keep emailing but nobody answers me.

  3. Tiffany Janes says:

    Claudia – I’m sorry to hear that . If you don’t mind, I will send your e-mail address to my contact there explaining that you need help getting this issue resolved.

  4. J Ipsen says:

    Ordered a subscription in June 2010 and have not received anythng. I keep emailing but get no response. Is the magazine still being published/

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