Dodger Stadium Now Offers Gluten Free Beer - Celiac Disease
Jun 24 2009

Dodger Stadium Now Offers Gluten Free Beer

It is good to see a growing number of venues that are offering gluten free options.  In the past we’ve covered a few, with the Sprint Center in Omaha and the Arizona Diamondbacks organizations both coming to mind.   Now it looks like the Los Angeles Dodgers are the next sports organization to follow suit, according to The Examiner.

Luckily for LA baseball fans, Dodger Stadium now sells Redbridge gluten-free beer. Any stadium that sells Anheiser- Busch products can order in Redbridge and I doubt any stadium doesn’t sell this beer product line. While there are more gluten-free options on the market than Redbridge, other brands are not likely to pop up at stadiums any time soon. We should focus on getting in Redbridge since we know it’s easy for venues to bring in.

Levy Restaurants manages concessions at Dodger Stadium and many other stadiums and entertainment venues around the country. Each stadium they service can order some type of gluten-free snack, including Mr. Crispers rice crisps, nutritional bars from Larabar and Raw  Revolution and organic and natural candy from Surf Sweets (my personal favorite gummy bears). On the Loge level of Dodgers Stadium, Levy also provides ‘The Healthy Cart’ which offers salads, fresh fruits and hummus dips.

According to Kathleen Neuman, a PR representative for Levy Restaurants, “gluten-free Redbridge beer and some type of snack are at every Levy ballpark and are rolling out to every Levy sports and entertainment facility, including football stadiums this Fall. Levy has made a commitment to the fans and their venues to provide something for everyone”. Levy was recently named one of the 10 most innovative companies in sports in the world by Fast Company magazine and I can certainly understand why. The Levy Restaurant website has a drop down list of each venue they service so be sure to check and see if they service your ballpark or entertainment venue.

You can read their entire article here, which goes on to discuss what some Celiacs are doing to improve the concessions at Turner Field (Atlanta Braves).

Update: We also received notification that Levy Restaurants supports a large number of catered venues in addition to the ones mentioned above.  Click the drop-down menu to look for a gluten free venue in your area!

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Kyle Eslick is the founder of Gluten Free Media, as well as the creator of the popular Celiac Support Groups page. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and now Google+!


  1. Adam Sloat says:

    I wrote Angels Stadium on my wife’s behalf. They responded that their new Melissa’s Harvest stand locations at both food courts outside the first and third base lines (field level) have gluten free hot dogs, Redbridge GF beer, and more. They said Toro Sushi is also gluten free.

  2. Tiffany Janes says:

    Adam – thanks for letting everyone know about those food carts and locations of them! I find that many people in Atlanta complain that they can’t find the gf food cart at Turner Field. Last year there was one cart and it was a hike to get to it almost every time we went. However, I’d rather walk to get a burger and beer than not be able to have either at all 😉


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