Does Celiac Increase the Likelihood of Depression and Suicide?
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Oct 6 2011

Does Celiac Increase the Likelihood of Depression and Suicide?

Celiac disease can present itself with many different symptoms and can affect different areas of our body.  A new study conducted in Sweeden looked at the risk of suicide for individuals with celiac disease and amongst individuals where the small intestinal biopsy showed no villous atrophy.  The study looked at 29,083 individuals diagnosed with celiac disease;13,263 individuals with marked inflammation but not celiac disease and 3719 with normal biopsy results but positive serology results between 1969-2007.

According to the study results, the research team used Cox regression to calculate Hazard ratios for suicide deaths recorded in the Swedish Cause of Death Register.  Results of the study found that there was a higher risk for suicide in patients diagnosed with celiac disease compared to the general population controls. Suicide also had a higher risk for individuals with marked inflammation but no increase was shown for individuals with positive serum but no marked biopsy changes.

According to the team of researchers this study serves as merit to increase attention in physicians and individuals diagnosed with celiac disease to monitor further any signs or symptoms of depression or suicide ideation.


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Devan McGuinness is a gluten free mom to 3 kids and an advocate for celiac disease and the gluten free lifestyle. Diagnosed with celiac disease in 2007 and her second child diagnosed in 2009, Devan is passionate about advocating for safe food and awareness for fellow Canadians with celiac disease, gluten allergy and gluten intolerance. A go-to person for the newly diagnosed, Devan eases the minds of those faced with the new life-long diet and even has a trick or two for the gluten free veterans. Tweet me at @AccustomedChaos or join me on Facebook.

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