Eating Gluten-Free at Skull Creek Boathouse, Hilton Head Island, SC
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Apr 14 2013

Eating Gluten-Free at Skull Creek Boathouse, Hilton Head Island, SC

scbhAlmost 2 years ago, I wrote about some of the gluten-free options I found while vacationing on Hilton Head Island.  Usually when we go to the beach, I like to cook at the house to avoid the crowded restaurants, and also to minimize any stress about being cross-contaminated when I am on vacation.

This Spring Break, we decided to venture out and try a couple of new (to us) places to eat.  While we were in Hilton Head, we wanted seafood, and I liked to assume I could go anywhere and get grilled fish and vegetables and they would be safe.  But, I also know I should not take this for granted, and should call beforehand.

We decided to try Skull Creak Boathouse one night, after I called them and they said that the server or manager would be able to help me navigate the menu, and assured me that they were knowledgeable in gluten-free diets.  Located right on Skull Creek, it is such a beautiful setting, with a prefect view to watch the sun go down.  The view was so lovely, it took the stress away about my food.  Skull Creek Boathouse has an extensive menu that includes a wide variety of seafood, steak, sushi and pastas.  They do carry gluten-free pasta that they can substitute in their pasta dishes.

The server was very helpful, and was happy to ask the kitchen when I had a question about one of the items.  I decided to order salmon cooked with olive oil and lemon, mashed potatoes and steamed veggies.  I asked how the veggies were steamed, because I wanted to be sure I was not getting veggies steamed in pasta water (which sadly does happen at some places), but the server assured me that all the veggies were steamed in their own pots.  My dinner was outstanding, It was such a pleasure to eat a delicious meal and feel safe about it.  The salmon was prepared simply, but packed full of flavor.  The mashed potatoes were creamy and indulgent, and the veggies were steamed perfectly with just enough crisp left in them.

Be sure to arrive early as they do not accept reservations, and they are first come, first served, and it will get busy during peak season.  If you do have to wait, check out the open air bar outside, enjoy the view and some live music.  There are also some kids activities outside to keep them busy while you wait.

To read about my gluten-free dining experience at The Old Oyster Factory, click here.


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Anne is a self-proclaimed foodie who loves eating out as much as cooking for friends. Since being diagnosed with celiac, she has been determined to not let it put a damper on her food adventures, and to raise awareness among the general public. Anne recently moved from Chicago to Atlanta and is enjoying exploring the gluten-free wonders in her new city. Follow Anne on Twitter and Google+!

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  1. This sounds like a great place to eat, Anne! I always get nervous about eating out on vacation, too.


  2. Caroline Jones says:

    Oh, a favorite place! I lived in Hilton Head for 12 years before moving to Knoxville. I have been diagnosed Celiac since being here, but I still make trips to Hilton Head. So glad to know a favorite place has become gluten-free friendly. Boat House is a fun place to go. Thank-you for posting!!!

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