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Nov 17 2009

Fabulous Gluten-free Dessert from Trader Joe's

tjs0935_aSeveral weeks ago a friend told me about a new gluten-free treat her husband found at Trader Joe’s. It is called Chocolate Mousse Collaboration. Since I needed to take a dessert to a birthday party/family reunion in TN, I decided to pick up a box on my next visit to Trader Joe’s. After tasting one of the two servings in the package, I concluded that this decadent dessert is not only fabulous but excellent enough to impress even the pickiest glutenoid around!

The pretty round dessert has a thin layer of chocolate cake on the bottom, a thick layer of chocolate mousse in the middle and a thin piece of chocolate ganache dusted with cocoa on top. These treats are in the freezer and have to be left on the counter for about half an hour before eating. The instructions call for only ten minutes but I didn’t find that long enough and neither did my friend that told me about these. Since the treat contains bittersweet chocolate, my husband can’t eat it. Oh well – I guess I’ll suffer and enjoy them all by myself!

Since I have not purposefully eaten gluten in almost four years, I have no idea if I really know what gluten foods taste like anymore. For this reason, I like to have glutenoids taste things from time to time. If they’re picky and like whatever I’m asking them to taste, then I know the food is good enough to serve any glutenoid friends or family members. If you look for other reviews online of this incredible dessert, you’ll find that many of the rave reviews are actually written by glutenoids.   

I took the second mousse dessert to TN last weekend. When everyone else had birthday cake, I enjoyed my decadent dessert. Since it’s a very rich treat and we’d had appetizers and a three course meal, I could not eat the entire thing. The birthday cake was vanilla and two people at the party were chocolate lovers so I let them finish my dessert. Each of them thought it was very good and they kind of raced to get the last bite – it was really quite funny!

This new Trader Joe’s dessert is $3.99 for two so it’s really quite a bargain, compared to ordering dessert when dining out. The store also sells gluten-free crème brulee. Those are $4.99 for four servings. The only bad thing about knowing about these fabulous indulgences, is that now I want to keep them in stock in my freezer. For that reason, it’s probably a good thing that we don’t live close to any of the Trader Joe’s in the Atlanta area!

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Kyle Eslick is the founder of Gluten Free Media, as well as the creator of the popular Celiac Support Groups page. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and now Google+!


  1. Kyle Eslick says:

    Excellent review Tiffany! Sadly I haven’t found this chocolate mousse in my area yet (no Trader Joes here either), but I keep reminding myself that it may be for the best. I have some work to do triming down so I haven’t been looking to hard for them. :mrgreen:

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