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Jun 14 2009

Where to Find Gluten Free Wedding Cakes in Atlanta, Georgia

Here in the United States, it has taken some time, but bakeries are slowly starting to offer a variety of gluten free wedding cakes for brides and grooms that are following a gluten free diet.    Recently, over at the Examiner, a nice post was published featuring a business in the Atlanta, Georgia area named Mark Fitchpatrick Designs, which offers a large variety of gluten free wedding cakes.   Their post not only features a bunch of information, but also includes testimonials from customers.

Here is a small excerpt from their post:

Finally, after much searching and investigating, I found the place to go for ‘out of this world’ gorgeous and wonderful tasting gluten-free wedding cakes in Atlanta! Mark Fitchpatrick Designs offers both cakes and floral services for weddings and special occasions in the Metro Atlanta area. Though this shop is not a dedicated gluten-free space, they understand cross contamination and do everything possible to keep your gluten-free cake truly gluten-free.

Mark’s choices don’t include boring vanilla and chocolate only. You’ll be blown away with your options – maybe the Italian creme cake is the way to go – or carrot – or coconut. There are several kinds of gluten-free fillings to choose from as well. There are too many great flavors and options to be named here – Mark will help you figure it out!

Whether you prefer a traditional look, or something more contemporary and cutting edge, Mark can create a masterpiece for you. For two decades Mark Fitchpatrick has been creating beautiful cakes and memories in Atlanta. Why settle for less when you can have the best?

If you live in the Atlanta area, you can read more about Mark Fitchpatrick Designs here.  If you live elsewhere, don’t forget you can browse through a number of other gluten free wedding cakes options.

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