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Jul 23 2011

Genius vs. Udi's Gluten-free Bread

From when I first tasted UK Genius gluten-free bread, I couldn’t wait for its arrival in the US.  I wrote about it in May when I was first able to try this much talked about bread from across the ocean.  My gluten-free friends in the UK couldn’t say enough good things about it.  My mother-in-law brought some over when she came to visit, and right away I was in love!

Immediately, I contacted Genius to see if they had plans to expand to the US, and at that time they said no.  So, when I heard the news, just a short time later, I was thrilled.

However, for the past 2 years Udi’s has been my go-to bread.  After a lot of trial and error with numerous breads ranging from $4 to over $12 a loaf, I finally found one I was extremely happy with in Udi’s.  Udi’s made me not miss eating “regular” bread, and made me feel “normal” again. I became a huge fan, and rely on Udi’s pizza crusts for our family’s weekly Friday pizza nights. Their muffins and bagels are fabulous, and is what I have waiting in the morning to greet sleepy guests as they wake up.  I have become loyal, and appreciate their consistency.

I feel almost guilty trying another bread, but when this new US version of Genius was waiting on my doorstep, I immediately opened the bread and made peanut butter and Nutella sandwiches to bring to the pool that afternoon for lunch.  I had such good memories from the loaf my mother-in-law brought over, I couldn’t wait to eat it again.

Since I had a loaf of Udi’s (as I always do) in my fridge, I decided to compare the two.  You can see the two loaves above, and below is the actual bread side by side (Udi’s is on the left, Genius on the right).

Immediately you can see the size difference.  Udi’s is smaller than the Genius slice, and I really do miss having regular sized sandwiches.  In addition, the loaf size is different, Udi’s has about 12 slices per loaf, whereas Genius has 14. Genius seems much fluffier.

Both brands offer white and multigrain loaves at about the same calories per serving.  Udi’s is listed at 75 calories per slice, with Genius at 80 calories per slice.

Udi’s contains 2.25g of fat per slice, where Genius contains 3.5g.  Udi’s contains 135 mg of sodium, where Genius has 140 mg of sodium, and they both contain the same protein content of 2g per slice.

In addition to being gluten-free, Udi’s is also dairy-, soy- and nut-free.  Genius is also produced in a dedicated gluten-free facility, but its label states that it may contain soy and sesame.

The suggested retail for Udi’s is $5, where Genius is $5.49.

So now, the fun stuff:

The packaging is very similar for both breads, green, simple and friendly.  A positive for both.

I have found in the past several months that Udi’s has seemed drier than it was in the past, so I was happy to taste the super light and fluffy texture of the larger Genius slice, but, and the big but was….this loaf of Genius was somewhat different from the UK version I tried, this one was so light and fluffy that it didn’t stay together very well.

When I spread my Nutella on the the bread, the bread came off with the Nutella.  It was very difficult, and quite frustrating, to keep a slice in one piece.  I thought maybe toasting it would be better, so we made fried egg sandwiches with it this morning, but the bread still tended to break apart when we tried to flip it over in the pan.

My current verdict:  I am still a little undecided.  I love the consistency and flavor of Udi’s, and I love the larger slice of Genius and the fresh, fluffy flavor.  And while Udi’s seems more dry than it once was, Genius is so light that it is falling apart too easy.  This didn’t happen with the UK version, so I am hoping they just have some kinks to iron out. I am waiting on a response from the US Genius people as to why the difference in texture, and will update when I received word.

Genius will be available in the freezer section of select stores nationwide starting in August. Genius is being distributed and produced by Glutino on this side of the Atlantic.

If you have tried Genius and Udi’s, what do you think? What is your “go-to” bread?

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Kyle Eslick is the founder of Gluten Free Media, as well as the creator of the popular Celiac Support Groups page. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and now Google+!


  1. Barb says:

    I make my bread in my bread machine. I use Anna’s bread mix and it is the best tasting gluten free bread ever! It makes a 2 pound loaf, has healthy flours, and never tears or falls apart. My daughter, who doesn’t have to be gluten free, raved about this bread.

    • Jane says:

      I agree with Barb. Breads from Anna is THEE best GF bread anywhere. It is not only delicious and stays together, but it is also very nutritious. Much more so than any of the others. I bake it in my Zo, too, but it can be made in any oven.

  2. Anne Steib says:

    Barb, maybe I should be asking for your recipe. I have thought for a while, that I would like to get a bread machine to be able to make bread with healthy flours. Thanks!

    • Barb says:

      It’s a mix from Breads by Anna. I order it online. I have the bread machine that starts with Zo— Can’t spell it but I can pronounce it.

  3. skigirlchar says:

    Well, since Udi’s is still the only one that is soy free I won’t be trying anything else for now. However, I have met “Anna” of Anna’s bread mix and had her bread fresh from the oven when I was a volunteer at an autism conference about 14 months ago. It was pretty good.

  4. Kathleen Connors says:

    My favorite is Rudi’s. It has larger slices like this new Genius bread, and is much lighter and has no weird after taste like Udis. I’ll probably give Genius a shot if it comes out locally. I’m always so curious to try new GF stuff!

  5. Nicole says:

    My 5 year old daughter can tell the difference between Udi’s and Rudy’s. She hates Rudy’s and has told me that she does not want me to buy the bread the in the orange bag. (Rudy’s) We rely on Udi’s for bread that does not crumble and fall apart, even with sticky peanut butter. If it was not so expensive, I would eat it too. We have 2 GF kids, so they get the Udi’s bread.

  6. Mari says:

    I have fallen off the Udi’s wagon except for the bagels, because the bread is just not as good anymore as it was eighteen months ago when I first tried it. I have been buying Rudi’s lately, which is bigger, softer and delicious. It’s hard to find here in my large Metro area, so I buy it when I can get it. It doesn’t fall apart on me, and I am a loyal fan. I will try Genius, just because, but Rudi’s will always be my go-to bread. I make my own hamburger buns, because I haven’t found anyone’s to be that good. We don’t have the Rudi’s buns where I live yet, but here’s hoping that some day soon I can try those and stop making my own……,

  7. Melissa Hungria says:

    I am a convert to Rudi’s bread for sandwiches. I still use Udi’s bagels, and Rudi’s now has hamburger buns – but I found them to be dry. I toast Rudi’s bread, but it doesn’t dry out like toast, but rather the perfect bread for sandwiches. Rudi’s bread makes me feel like a normal person. I much prefer Rudi’s over Udi’s because it’s not as dry to me, also much larger. I’m curious to try the Genius loaves. I have found that shopping at my local Safeway grocery store, that Rudi’s is consistently out of stock, whereas the Udi’s is always in stock.

  8. Judy Pearson-Wright says:

    Canyon Bake House San Juan 7 Grain. May only be out west? I love this bread because I can make a sandwich in the morning with the frozen bread, pop it in the cooler and at lunch have a defrosted nearly real sandwich. Many of the other are too dry. I agree with the Udi’s issue, seems stale lately. Rudy’s is a pretty good untoasted bread too.

  9. sunday says:

    I really liked Genius, it’s probably the best GF bread I’ve had. However, the last few months they’ve been having problems with their batches. It moulds more quickly, and there are giant holes all over it – practically unusable. I’ve heard lots of complaints from others on their facebook page, same deal. And when we all complained, they instead posted messages about how they’re introducing rolls. Plus, It’s also really high in calories and fat. Until they solve the moulding/holes issues, I shan’t be buying Genius bread.

  10. Anne Steib says:

    It is really interesting to hear everyone’s opinions. I will add that I really do prefer the flavor of Genius, I just wish it stayed together better.

  11. sarah says:

    i can’t see paying $5 for a loaf of bread and $15 to ship it. that’s crazy. i am trying to find a place in us to order it online, it’s not in the stores here. anybody know a place with free or low cost shipping?

    • ashwin says:

      I always had genius bread in UK for as long as when it was first introduced in UK. I was impressed with udi’s when I tried it last week for the first time while on holiday in USA . However the best GF bread I have ever eaten is the new
      GF seeded version of genius bread introduced in UK recently.

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