What to Put in a Gluten Free Care Pack for School Kids
Feb 15 2012

Gluten Free Care Pack for School Aged Kids

Since my daughter started school I have been nervous wondering if I am doing enough — advocating enough, teaching her enough. It’s hard, she is in a school that really doesn’t know what celiac disease is and how far reaching gluten is. I can’t blame them — I had no idea up until about 5 years ago when I was diagnosed.

She has been glutened at school — more then once and she has also been left out of surprise treats that have been brought in. I have been toying with the idea (and many people have suggested it) to keep a ‘gluten free care pack‘ at school for her. A box that is filled for those ‘just in case’ moments and to keep her from feeling left out.

That’s where your expertise comes in — I need your help. Like I said, this is my first child in school and I have no idea what I should pack in her care bin. We are going to spend some time this week making some gluten free play dough because her classroom does have play-doh in the room. She likely needs some non-perishable snack for those times other parents celebrate with food and since she was glutened by making pasta crafts at school — I should send her with some gluten free pasta.

What else do I pack? Do you think I need to go as far as insisting she uses a place-mat at lunch so her food doesn’t touch the table? What, in your experience are big concerns in the class for our kids with celiac disease?

{I will share any suggestions in an upcoming post of your suggestions for anyone else looking for tips}

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  1. When Jon was in 5th grade, I used to keep fruit snacks he could have in the classroom and brownies in the nurse’s office freezer. They could pull them out if someone else brought treats in. I also asked the teacher to keep me apprised of any pizza parties so I could provide a gluten-free version for Jon.

    I never did a place mat for him at lunch – I packed him lunch and he ate over his lunch box or out of his thermos.

    He is now in high school and refuses to allow me to be involved. I respect that as long as he isn’t getting sick.

  2. Mary says:

    I leave a small tub filled with safe candy, chips and treats for those just in case moments of birthdays, teachers using candy as manipulatives for math, etc., or treats given by teachers for whatever. I also make a batch of cupcakes, label them in freezer-safe bags and leave them in the teacher’s lounge freezer. I also put a note on her treat box stating my child’s name, where gluten can hide (oats for example) and my cell and home numbers to call if there are any questions for the box is running low. Whenever I am in the classroom, I check the box and freezer to see if anything needs to be replenished. I specifically tell the school my children can not eat anything unless I sent it in or I am called for approval. I do not want them to decide what they can or can not eat. Hope that helps.

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