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Apr 8 2010

Gluten-Free Chatter on the Rise

I read a lot of magazines on the treadmill or while cross training at the gym. I have noticed an increase in gluten-free chatter over the past 6-12 months. This increase does wonders for awareness and may help some that have been suffering needlessly.

Martha Stewart Living has several pages in the April 2010 issue with an article called “Fit to Eat: How can food this good be gluten-free?”. The article briefly outlines Celiac Disease in the first paragraph and then moves on to gluten-free ingredients and how to use them. There are several mouth-watering recipes, including Zucchini-Ribbon “Lasagna”, Crisp Baked Lemon Cod and Banana-Walnut Muffins. I love how the article shows that gluten-free doesn’t have to be tasteless and utilizes some ingredients that are not high-cost specialty ingredients. The cod recipe uses Rice Chex for the “breading”, the lasagna uses zucchini for the noodles.

Vegetarian Times has a monthly section called “gluten-free pantry”. The April 2010 issue has an article on how to choose the best gluten-free pastas for your recipe. Buckwheat, corn, potato, quinoa and rice pastas are covered & the best brands of each variety are mentioned as well. Buckwheat is best in the spaghetti or spiral shape and served with Asian-style sauces, while rice pasta is best in a firm shape, like penne or shells and served with a tomato-based sauce. In addition, I have found that a lot of recipes in this magazine are very easily modified to be gluten-free. There is a recipe search feature on their website where you can search by diet type.

Runner’s World has made a few mentions of the gluten-free diet over the past few months. In the May 2010 issue, there is mention of gluten being a possible culprit of GI trouble on page 48. The “food fix” given is to see a doctor first if you suspect gluten intolerance & then to avoid gluten.

Cooking Light is a great magazine with many recipes that are either naturally gluten-free or easily modified. They also have a customizable area in their recipe search for “gluten-free”. I just did the search & came up with over 475 recipes!

In addition to the mainstream magazines, there are several gluten-free magazines that are out there. All of these below can be found in Barnes & Noble, Whole Foods and many health food stores around the country.

Living Without is a magazine for people with food allergies and sensitivities. A one-year subscription (6 issues) is $23. The magazine is full of tips, recipes, resources & support information.

Delight Gluten Free Magazine debuted in the Spring of 2009. A one-year subscription is $18.00 (4 issues). The magazine was started by Julie Ann Luse after becoming discouraged with the negativity surrounding Celiac Disease and the struggles of others with food allergies & sensitivities.

Gluten Free Living Magazine has been in print for more than a decade. A one-year subscription (4 issues) is $34.00.

I even found mention of the gluten-free diet in the latest book I am reading! I just started reading House Rules by Jodi Picoult. The main character in this book, Jacob, has Asperger’s and is on a gluten-free diet. Imagine my surprise when I was reading along & Jacob’s mother was talking about Envirokidz gluten-free cereal! I am only about a third of the way through the book, but the gluten-free diet has been brought up many more times. Jacob goes out for pizza and asks for a gluten-free crust; Jacob is offered Twizzlers (and of course, the first thing in my mind was that they are not gluten-free) and informs the man offering them to him that he can’t eat them because they are not gluten-free, but does he have any Skittles? I love it!

I feel that while there are still some people out there that have no idea what gluten is, that number is much less than just 4 years ago when I embarked on this journey.

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Kyle Eslick is the founder of Gluten Free Media, as well as the creator of the popular Celiac Support Groups page. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and now Google+!


  1. Tiffany Janes says:

    Great post Kim! Even in Eat, Pray, Love, the author talks about how Italy was grieving after a study came out citing stats about how many there could not eat gluten. I agree that four years ago things were very different than they are today – and it’s all for the better!

  2. Kathie Touton says:

    I think it was Rachel Ray’s magazine ranked different gravy’s around Thanksgiving. One of them was Trader Joe’s and it mentioned how it is gluten free. I have noticed people writing in to mainstream magazines asking how to make something gluten free. Great post!

  3. It’s great to see all this positive press, I just hope companies don’t jump on the bandwagon, and throw a gluten-free sticker on anything, just because it does not contain wheat

  4. Tiffany – Eat, Pray, Love is the next book I have sitting here to read!

    Kathie – I do remember hearing that was in RR’s mag. Thanks for reading.

    GFF – I am with you – I hope that labeling improves & becomes clearer as time goes on.

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