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Mar 13 2013

Gluten-Free Easter Candy List 2013 –

I am sure you may have seen the Easter candy already occupying the shelves of your local grocery and drug stores since the holiday is only a couple of weeks away.  I can’t help but wander the aisles looking for my favorites – jelly beans, Cadbury Mini Eggs and Dove Chocolate.  It is extremely important to consistently check labels for changes, but even more so with seasonal items year to year.


I can’t tell you how many times over the past seven years of following the gluten-free diet that I have picked up a bag of seasonal candy in a fun, celebratory shape that has some form of gluten in it.  The same candy may be gluten-free in its normal form, but not so in the seasonal form.  Not only does this make me sad because I can’t enjoy a past favorite, it is downright frustrating.  Many times I will just go in search of the “normal” form or variety and purchase that, but I am an adult and can understand, where a child, wanting to be just like everybody else, may not. has once again updated their Easter Candy List to make sure we are armed with the most up-to-date information on all of our favorites.  This list is updated continuously as new information comes in.  If you have questions about a specific candy and are unable to find the status on the website, please email them with the following information & they will do their best to find out for you:

    • brand name
    • product name
    • size
    • upc

If you have a child following the gluten-free diet, make sure to have plenty of safe options on hand to quickly swap out for unsafe treats.  Pass out the list and/or link to family, friends and teachers to help make sure there are no unfortunate gluten incidents or melt downs.

Do you have any tips for handling gluten-free holiday candy?  Is there a specific seasonal candy you found contains gluten where the normal version does not?

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