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Dec 21 2009

Gluten-free Frostings from Betty Crocker

General Mills announced early last summer that they would be introducing Betty Crocker gluten-free frostings in the fall of 2009. The products are not new, just newly labeled gluten-free, as I understand it. The items didn’t show up in the Atlanta area when they were expected, but they are said to be hitting store shelves now. The frostings have actually been gluten-free for quite a while but were never labeled as such until now. 

Zach over at Gluten Free Raleigh recently posted about the Betty Crocker frosting roll-out and has a photo of the new label. We tried the cream cheese frosting recently, before the label changed. The item was gluten-free to be sure but could not hold a candle to homemade cream cheese frosting. The cans were on sale so I bought two. I threw out most of one and gave the other away. If you like canned frostings, you will likely enjoy these, since the ingredients didn’t seem to change – just the label.      

Making gluten-free frosting is extremely easy because it’s a rare frosting recipe that calls for gluten of any kind. Our favorite recipes for frostings were all found at Recipe Zaar. None of the frosting recipes I’ve used from that site need modification for them to be gluten-free. No gluten ingredients were listed so even though the recipe title might not include gluten-free, most of the frostings will indeed be gluten-free.

For those who prefer using ready-made frostings, the Betty Crocker frostings will compliment their gluten-free baking mixes quite well. However, it’s so easy to make frosting from scratch that at our house, we’ll probably stick to making the excellent frostings that we’ve been making for the last several years. If I remember correctly, the Betty Crocker chocolate canned frosting was ten times better than the cream cheese version years ago. I used it before I started making my own frosting so I might check out the chocolate version when the newly labeled products hit the store shelves here.

Wherever the gluten-free Betty Crocker baking mixes are sold near you is where you’ll need to look for the new frostings. Some markets will not get their shipments until after the first of the year. It will likely take a while for the frostings to appear across the country, just like it did with the baking mixes. Actually, in some smaller gluten-free markets, there are complaints that people can’t find the baking mixes yet. That’s why recently announced that they now sell the Betty Crocker gluten-free mixes online. At last check, the newly gluten-free label frostings had not been added to the gluten-free product list on General Mills new website – Live Gluten Freely. Hopefully they will add them soon so we can see all the flavors that are going to be offered.

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Kyle Eslick is the founder of Gluten Free Media, as well as the creator of the popular Celiac Support Groups page. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and now Google+!


  1. Kyle Eslick says:

    Betty Crocker is such a wonderful company. We buy their gluten-free cake mixes occasionally so I will check for these frostings next time I visit the market.

  2. Tiffany Janes says:

    The new frostings are at a Publix near us. I thought only a few of the frostings were going to be labeled gluten-free. Every BC can I turned around to read was labeled gluten-free. I tired of turning cans so I’m not sure exactly how many flavors are gluten-free. Many of them that I saw marked gf today use to contain wheat. The coconut pecan frosting and Strawberry are both gluten-free, in addtion to vanilla, cream cheese and many types of chocoate.

    Keeping with the General Mills theme – I finally found the Progresso Chicken and Rice soup labeled gf today. I was dancing in the aisle! Please note that Chicken and Wild Rice soup is not gluten-free – or at least it is not marked as such at this time.

  3. Sharon Root says:

    Thanks for the info on your frosting. I have had your brownies and your “best ever” yellow cupcakes. They were so good. I will be trying your frosting. Keep up the good work!!! I really appreciate feeling ‘normal”. OH, just one thing, since you reference your new label on this site, it a pity you didn’t include a picture of the new label. Thanks, Sharon

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