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Sep 15 2009

Celiac Disease & Gluten-Free iPhone Applications

Whether you have an iPhone or an iPod Touch, there are a growing number of solid applications available for your device to assist you with following a strict gluten-free diet in today’s world.   Whether you are looking for assistance with gluten-free recipes, grocery shopping, restaurant menu information, or traveling resources.

In this post, I’ve gone out and collected all of the celiac disease and gluten-free diet applications available and included some information about each application below.   As new applications are released, I will continue to update this post to help keep this information useful for iPhone/iPod Touch users.

Note: If you know of an application missing from our list below, please contact us!

Is That Gluten-Free? Application ($5.99)

The Is that Gluten-Free? application was designed to assist with grocery shopping, but can assist you in just about any situation where you need to know if an ingredient is gluten-free.  Here is the complete feature list taken from the designer of the app:

  • Over 14,000 VERIFIED Gluten-Free Products
  • Over 320 Brands, including Private Label Grocery Store Brands
  • Search by Category, Brand or Product Name
  • Frequent, FREE Updates with New Products and Brands
  • Searchable Ingredients Tab designating Safe, Unsafe and Possibly Unsafe Ingredients
  • Handy Alphabetical Index for Categories, Brands and Ingredients
  • One-touch link to the company’s website allowing you to search for more information
  • No Connectivity Required unless you utilize the one-touch website links

[Full Review Here]

Cook It Allergy Free Application ($4.99)

The Cook IT Allergy Free app offers recipes that can be converted to be allergen-free. It’s actually quite an ingenious tool. Many people have more than one food intolerance and this app addresses their individual needs. It also allows them to create a customized tool that can help with grocery shopping, cooking and menu planning – all for only $4.99!

“Customize Any of the Gluten Free Recipes to meet your allergy needs”

  • 200+ Recipes, with MORE recipes being added all of the time. Beautiful images of all recipes.
  • With a simple tap, trade out your Allergen(s) in any of the recipes with safe substitutions. Now no recipe is off limits!
  • Any ingredients that appear in red within a recipe can be traded out with a correctly-calculated allergen safe substitution option that will work with the recipe.
  • Find substitutions within the recipes for: eggs, butter, milk, yogurt, buttermilk, cream, sour cream, cream cheese, cheeses, nuts, nut butters, corn syrup, and soy.
  • Customize your recipes and then share them through Email, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Also find the best tips and tricks for gluten free and allergy free cooking that will help to give you delicious results in the recipes.

[Full Review Here]

Gluten-Free Restaurant Cards from CeliacTravel.com Application (FREE)

Application that includes images of over 40 of the gluten-free restaurant cards available at CeliacTravel.com!!

Gluten-Free Menus Application ($9.99)

Contains images of the gluten-free menus available at many of your favorite restaurants!

Celiac Smartlist Application ($24.99)

This new application takes Clan Thompson’s Celiac Food SmartList makes it easy to find gluten free information on over 18,983 products! This information is listed as verified information and includes a “comments” field to provide additional information about cross-contamination or other issues.

iEatOut Application (Free/$4.99/$8.99)

This new application is available in a Lite version (free), as well as a more advanced version for $8.99, which offers full functionality.    I always recommend trying the lite version first, then if you like it, upgrade to the full version.  These applications, if done right, will often pay for themselves very quickly!

Here are the features listed with the iEatOut application:

  • Select from any combination of 10 common food allergens
  • Personalize these allergens for yourself and others
  • Choose from 86 menu items customized to your allergens
  • Prepare yourself with questions to ask for safe ordering
  • Explore 3 international cuisines organized in a meal course format: Indian, Italian and Steak & Seafood
  • Discover 79 ingredients, food preparation techniques and cross contamination concerns
  • View color coded-columns to determine which dishes you should consider based on your allergen concerns
  • Review detailed descriptions of 86 cuisine-specific menu choices
  • Learn about traditional & non-traditional culinary practices
  • Become aware of traditional ingredients, sauces and gluten / allergen considerations by cuisine
  • Understand eating out considerations for both guests & restaurants
  • Customize your preference to display dish descriptions and quick reference columns
  • Work offline with no connectivity required

[Full Review Here]

GlutenScan ($1.99)

GlutenScan is the first iPhone application to provide a gluten free safety status, complete product and ingredient information, and allergy warnings.  Taking full advantage of the iPhone, GlutenScan allows you to call a product manufacturer at the touch of a button.  Searchable by product name, category or UPC, GlutenScan gives users unprecedented access to a database of over 30,000 food products and more than 10,000 manufacturers when they need it most – while shopping at the store.

GlutenScan also includes a comprehensive list of ‘problem’ ingredients and synonyms, including detailed background information and sources for each ingredients.  With over 40 years combined celiac and gluten free nutrition experience behind this research, the Zeer medical advisory and research teams make GlutenScan the most thorough and instructive product and ingredient information resource available on the iPhone today.

Gluten-Free Recipes Application ($0.99)

Application that provides a large number of gluten-free recipes.

Whole Foods Market Application

If you are a Whole Foods shopper, there is a new iPhone/iPod Touch application that owners of these devices will want to check out (available via search in the iTunes store).   According to what I’ve read about this new application from Whole Foods, it includes a store locator (great for traveling!) as well as the ability to find gluten free foods in their stores, or even browse through their index of gluten-free recipes!

Article Written by:

Kyle Eslick is the founder of Gluten Free Media, as well as the creator of the popular Celiac Support Groups page. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and now Google+!


  1. TiffanyJ says:

    I have a couple of the iPhone apps, but I have to say that the GF Card (gluten-free dining cards in several languages) are the coolest. The real downside is that I don’t want to send my phone back to the kitchen for the manager to read the “card”….

  2. Dala B says:

    These apps look great. Is there anything like theis available for Blackberry users?

    • Kyle Eslick says:


      I also am a BlackBerry user (Storm) and i haven’t found any yet. I carry an iPod Touch as well, but I can’t connect online without wifi so it is semi useless in a public setting like a restaurant or grocery store.

      I’ll be sure to publish a post once I discover some!

  3. Lisa says:

    This review of available apps was very helpful to a group of students I’m working with on a research project. They are interested in figuring out a way to help people with celiac disease shop more easily at grocery stores. The kids came up with a pretty good idea. An app could be developed that involves snapping a photo of the ingredient statement on the product package with smart phone camera. The text in the image could be extracted to a text file, and the app would compare the ingredients in the text file to a list of ingredients known or suspected of containing gluten. Within seconds the app could let the shopper know if the product contained one or more ingredients that may contain gluten. This app would be fantastic because it could work on all packaged food products in the market, and it would be up-to-date with the ingredients actually in the product. Has such a thing already been developed, or in the works? Are there any problems with this approach that the kids are missing (aside from technological challenges such as extracting text from image to create text file)?

    • Catherine says:

      Sounds like a really great idea, however there are hidden sources of gluten in ingredients like ‘natural flavorings’ and ‘malt’ (can be from barley), which is why other apps/websites are great because they list products/companies which are problematic or safe.


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